Tokyo Photography

A journey to Japan is something most people will remember as long as they live. And most will probably visit Tokyo, the jewel of Japan and the greatest city in the world. Tokyo has many things to offer, places to explore and people to meet, it can be a bit overwhelming at first to take in all the culture shock of Japan, but it’s worth it. From the popular districts like Shibuya and Shinjuku, to luxurious ones like Ginza, or otaku oriented Akihabara, Tokyo has a plethora of amazing places to see and things to experience.

If you do decide to visit this great city, you will surely love the have amazing photos of you journey. By far the best option is to hire an experienced and reliable Tokyo photographer. And if you decide to do that, look no further than Masahisa Matsunuma of Tokyo.IG.

Masahisa Matsunuma is a Tokyo based photographer who was born and grew up in Tokyo. His goal is to capture the beautiful moments of everyday life, the moments you might miss if you don’t pay enough attention, and to show us, regular people, as stars of our own life.
He also seeks to show the less known, almost hidden, parts of Tokyo that most tourists never get to know. He wants to bring us closer to those parts, so we can appreciate the culture more and see and feel what locals see and feel every day.

Masahisa offers a personal vacation photography service for those traveling to Tokyo. He can help you make your journey an unforgettable experience and help capture fun and amazing moments as you explore the city with your family and friends. As an experienced photographer he knows all the best places around Tokyo and will surely be able to provide you excellent service. Whether you want you picture among the modern skyscrapers, beautiful gardens or hidden alleys, he is the best choice for you and you will surely not regret hiring him.

If you want to take your own photos as you wander around Tokyo and discover its many secrets, another great option for you is his renown Photowalk session. He will show you around all the cool photo worthy places in the city and even show you some hidden gems you didn’t know existed. And the best off all is that all of his Photowalks are tailor-made for his customers needs. So if you want to visit the popular palaces, or discover hidden gems of less known parts of Tokyo, you can arrange it with him. He is also happy to provide any photography tips and advice you need.

After all, if you need any proof of Masahisa’s mastery of photography and knowledge of Tokyo visit his instagram at @tokyo.ig and see for yourself his amazing photo gallery of Tokyo’s everyday life.

We suggest you visit Masahisa’s website and learn more about this fascinating artist!

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