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5 Great Videos About Japan That You Must Watch

Here are some of the best videos related to Japan in my opinion. I’m sharing them with you so that more people learn about them and follow these amazing creators.

history of japan by bill wurtz

This is one of the most famous Japan-related videos on the internet. It was made by the talented Bill Wurtz and is extremely funny and educational. It makes me wish we could study history like this in school. 

Japanese Historian Describes First Contact With Europeans // 16th cent. "Teppo-ki" // Primary Source by Voices of The Past

This is another video about the history of Japan. It is fascinating because it is a first hand account of the first meeting between Europeans and Japanese over 500 years ago. It is basically a diary of the people who lived in that time. You can see their thoughts, interpretations, and ideas. It was a fascinating time. I recommend the rest of the videos from this channel as well.

What Japanese Find Weird About Other Countries (Interview) by That Japanese Man Yuta

Tourists often find many things weird when they come to Japan. But what do Japanese find weird about foreigners? Watch this interesting video and find out!

Funny Japanese Game Show Slippery Stairs Just Hilarious by Vincenzo

This is one of the most hilarious videos I ever saw! These Japanese game shows are so funny. You have to check it out. Can you guess who will win?

iPhone 11 Pro Cinematic 4K: Tokyo by Andy To

Since you can’t travel to Tokyo right now, why not transport yourself there with this great video. This video is one of my favorites because of the way it is shot. Even though only an iPhone was used, it looks like it was shot by a pro camera. Don’t you agree?

So what do you think about these videos? Have you already seen any of them? Comment below and tell us. If you have any videos to recommend comment as well! Thank you!

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