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Don’t Even Start
Planning Your
Trip to Japan
Without Knowing
Answers to These
9 Questions

Including tips on how to deal with Covid restrictions and how to keep the cost of the trip to a minimum

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Do you need help planning your Japan Trip? Or do you have some related questions that trouble you? 

We created this e-book to help you with just that. It contains detailed answers to 9 essential Japan Travel questions. 

What questions & Answers can you expect?

When do I need to start planning for my trip to Japan?

Learn when to start planning specific parts of the trip such as transport, accommodation, etc.

How to get most value for my money during the trip?

Learn some simple ways of reducing the cost of your Japan trip and how to explore Japan while saving as much money as possible.

How will COVID affect my Japan travel plans?

Covid is still affecting our travel plan. Learn what to expect from Covid measures and where to find the latest information.

How to make sure I never get lost while using public transport?

Japan's public transport can be a bit overwhelming at first. Learn how to find your way around without any issues.

How to make sure that I visit all of the important places?

Nobody wants to return from the trip of their lifetime and learn that they missed some must-see spot. Learn how to avoid this.

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