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Hanaikada Ryokan in Arashiyama, Kyoto

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Did you ever dream of visiting Kyoto for a few days and staying in a ryokan with wonderful hot springs and delicious traditional meals? If you did, you will love what I am about to show you. Hanaikada is a traditional ryokan with natural hot springs located in Kyoto’s Arashiyama area. If you are looking for a traditional hotel to stay at while exploring this ancient city, look no further. Hanaikada will provide you with the experience you will never forget. It’s truly a hidden gem. After a day of exploring ancient temples and streets, you will return to your traditional Japanese room, enjoy a carefully prepared dinner, and relax in excellent hot springs. Having this complete experience sounds fantastic, right? It is the best way to connect with Japanese culture and history. Here is what you can expect from this great ryokan.

Kyoo nite mo
Kyoo natsukashi ya

Even in Kyoto
Longing for Kyoto
Hearing the Cuckoo

Matsuo Basho,
17th century haiku poet

Hanaikada Location

Let’s talk first about one of my favorite things about this ryokan. Its location. As I said, it is located in the Arashiyama area. This is great for every tourist since it acts as a great base for exploring the famous sights in Kyoto and the hills around the city.

The famous Arashiyama bamboo groove is only about a kilometer away. You can even go on a ride on the Sagano Romantic Train, or go cormorant fishing, both activities famous among tourists. There are so many unique places to see in the immediate area around the hotel. Places such as Tenryu-Ji Temple (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Hozugawa Kudari riverboat ride. Togetsukyo Bridge, the symbol of the Arashiyama Area in Kyoto, is located right next to the ryokan. That way you can enjoy its beauty every day.

Most other famous areas in Kyoto are easily accessible by public transport. And even Osaka is not that far away.

Hot Springs in Hanaikada Ryokan

I am a huge fan of hot springs, and it is one of my goals to visit as many of them as possible. If you are like me, you will be happy to learn that Hanaikada has six types of baths and a private open-air bath with a view of Togetsukyo Bridge. Of course, all baths in the ryokan are fed with natural hot spring water.

Their gender-segregated open-air bath is the only such bath in Arashiyama, and it has a great view of Togetsukyo Bridge, the Oi River, and Mount Atago. Is there a better way to relax from the rush of sightseeing than in such a bath with a great view?

There is also a bathhouse that perfectly integrates the indoor bath and the open-air bath with curved lines. Another bathhouse called “Rikka” features an indoor bath made of fine Japanese cypress and an open-air made of bamboo. There is even a private open-air bath with a view of Togetsukyo Bridge available for reservation. However, depending on the room, there is an option of having your private bath right there in your room.

Room Types

Hanaikada has several types of rooms available. All the guest rooms are Japanese style with fragrant tatami mats and equipped with a bathroom and a toilet. There are also several rooms that have distinct features, such as private open-air bath or beautiful views of Arashiyama.

The standard guest rooms are pretty spacy. Their size ranges from 7.5 to 12 tatami mats (total area of about 19 to 36 sq. meters). All guest rooms have amenities such as air conditioning, a safety deposit box, and a flat-screen TV. In addition to that, you have toiletries, a washing towel, a bath towel, a refrigerator, and even a yukata cotton kimono which I love wearing! There is also free Wi-Fi available at the reception.

Food in Hanaikada Ryokan

A stay in a ryokan wouldn’t be complete without experiencing traditional food. You’ll be glad to know that your stay in Hanaikada won’t be an exception. They serve dishes made with fresh ingredients carefully selected by the master chef at a local market every morning.

You can have breakfast, which is served in the large hall, and dinner, which is served in your room. Dinner can be either a nabe hot pot course or a Kyo-kaiseki dinner course with seasonal dishes, which in my opinion, is the highlight. This meal uniquely developed in Kyoto is based on dishes made with local ingredients.


Getting to Hanaikada is simple. Once you are at Kyoto station, you have two options. Either to Keifuku Arashiyama station and then walk 5 minutes to the ryokan. Or via JR San’in Line to JR Saga-Arashiyama station. Here you can arrange a free pick-up by the staff of the ryokan.

Hanaikada Kyoto Arashiyama Ryokan


There are so many breathtaking places all around this ryokan. Hanaikada will be your home in Kyoto. A place to rest and relax from sightseeing all day. A place where you will get in touch first hand with the culture of Japan. The experience of the hot spring, traditional food, and Japanese rooms will forever remain with you. So what are you waiting for? If Kyoto is on your must-visit list, check out Hanaikada ryokan, you won’t regret it!
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