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Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers

Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel And Towers View

Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers is a luxury hotel located in central Yokohama. I had the pleasure to stay at this great hotel during my trip across Japan and I have to say, I was impressed by the high level of luxury and comfort they offer.

After exploring the Nagano Prefecture I took a bus back to Tokyo and from there a train to Yokohama with intent of reaching my next destination, Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers. I was tired from the long journey and sightseeing the day before, so was glad to see that Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel was located right in front of the Yokohama station. As soon as I exited the station, I spotted a large impressive building on the opposite side off the street, on which it was written in golden letters, Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel And Towers Building

When I got into the hotel itself, I was blown away by the beautifully decorated lobby hall. It stretches over 3 floors and contains bars, resting areas, computers, even a self service bar where you can pour free beer. Words cannot describe the luxurious feel of this lobby, so I suggest that you check out the photos and see for yourself.

Since my room was a Club Premium Twin Room, I did not need to check in at this lobby, rather I had to go to the 26th floor to the Sheraton Club Lounge and check in there. I really enjoyed that since I could wait for the check in procedure to complete while drinking some nice coffee and enjoying the view of Yokohama. After the friendly staff had completed my check in and explained everything I needed to know, I was escorted to my room.

I have to say that the room exceeded my expectations. Not only was it’s quite spacious, but the bathroom was absolutely enormous and it felt like a whole another room on its own. It even had a tiny hallway, large bath, and two enclosed areas, one for the toilet and the other for the shower. I also liked the smart toilet, which was probably the most impressive toilet I saw so far. As soon as you approach it, it will lift up its lid and flush a bit of water. Fascinating!

The bed was just what you would expect from a luxury hotel, large, comfortable, and placed in a great position. Every morning when I woke up, I would be greeted by a spectacular view of the whole city. I could even see Mount Fuji in the distance. The room features two gigantic windows, and in between them a large flat screen TV. Even though Japanese TV can be quite fun, it’s safe to say that I spent much more time enjoying the view than watching the program. The room has all the other furniture you would expect in a hotel such as this one. There was a large desk, a small table, a few chairs, closets, night stands, and the rest of the usual stuff. It also included air-conditioning, electric kettle, minibar, refrigerator, free Wi-Fi, hair dryer, safety deposit box, coffee machine, many toiletries and other amenities.

After I had rested from the long trip, I headed out to the Sheraton Club Lounge for dinner. Sheraton Club Lounge is an exclusive lounge for the Sheraton Club guests which can be accessed during most of the day. In the mornings breakfast is served, in the afternoon many refreshments, snacks, tea and coffee are offered, and in the evening there is a cocktail hour where you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks such as whiskey, wine, vodka, cocktails, beer, juices and other beverages. I stayed there for quite some time and enjoyed the night view of Yokohama. Afterwards I took a nice hot bath and went to bed to prepare for a day of sightseeing across Yokohama.

When I woke up, I went once again to Sheraton Club Lounge to have breakfast. There was a wide variety of meal choices such as omelette, ham, cheese, fish, potatoes, many fruits and vegetables, beverages, and so on. That breakfast filled me up with energy for the whole day and I loved it. Also, nothing beats a good coffee with a great view, I could chill there for hours.

After that I went to explore Yokohama. Luckily the center of the city is not too far away, only a short ride from Yokohama station. During that one day I visited Chinatown, Minato Mirai area, a few museums and shopping centers. I wish I had more time to see all that Yokohama has to offer, but unfortunately a typhoon was approaching and I had to head back to the hotel to avoid the rain.

However, that only meant that I had more time to enjoy the hotel itself. I went to the Japanese restaurant Ko-No-Hana for a traditional Japanese dinner. Ko-No-Hana is located on the 8th floor of the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and it features a Japanese garden that changes its expression with the seasons so you can enjoy it while eating authentic Japanese cuisine made from seasonal ingredients. The dinner was a full course traditional Japanese dinner and included meals such as shrimp, sashimi, mushroom soup, tofu, rice, eel, soy bean paste, and many more fantastic dishes. The whole dinner felt very authentic, almost like a ceremony and I think it was one of the best meals I had during my trip across Japan. The waiter was quite professional and explained everything about the dishes served. Every single course that was served was decorated in a unique way, and many of them I had never tried before in my life. I’m sure that I will keep the memory of that dinner for a long time. I recommend that if you visit this hotel to definitely give check out this great traditional Japanese restaurant.

By the time I was finished with my dinner, the typhoon was getting more and more powerful, and it was not possible to leave the hotel, so I decided to take the elevator to the top of the hotel and visit the Sky Lounge “Bay View”. There I had a few cocktails and observed the Typhoon as it descended upon the city. Rarely have I seen such strong wind and rain before, but I felt quite safe inside the hotel even though I was on the 28th floor. Next morning unfortunately I had to leave for Tokyo, so I headed out to the all-day buffet restaurant called Compass, located on the 2nd floor. They have a large selection of Japanese, Western and Chinese food. I especially enjoyed their miso soup, french toast and pancakes with maple syrup, and the omelette with ham and cheese.

My stay at the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers was an unforgettable experience. I saw first hand the high level of luxury and comfort the Sheraton brand is known for, and I loved every part of it. If you’re planning on coming to Yokohama, I suggest you check out this great hotel and book a stay here!

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    1. Yes! There is a shopping center, bus terminal, train station and many restaurants around the hotel. If I had to rate the location, I would give 10/10!

    1. It’s a Japanese restaurant and the service, as well as the food, were brilliant. The way they serve the food is interesting, there are several types of food and each one of them looks like a piece of art. I would definitely recommend you to book a dinner here.

  1. Thank you so much for the review. I wasn’t sure if this is the right choice for me, but now I am totally for it.

    1. As far as I know, there is no bus service from Sheraton to airport. But, Yokohama Station is directly across from the hotel, just a few minutes away, so it’s easily reachable.

  2. I am going to stay in Yokohama for 3 days. It would be my first time visiting Yokohama. Would you recommend this hotel if I would like to do some sightseeing during the day and visit a couple of bars during the night?

    1. Yes, definitely. Hotel is located in front of Yokohama Station. The location couldn’t be better and I would say that this hotel is a perfect choice for you!

    1. I really liked it. The best thing about it (for me) was a variety of street food. I could spend hours and hours there, just trying various types of food.

  3. I am planning to visit Yokohama. I really like your photos and I would like to stay at this place. Thank you for the recommendation!

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