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About Japanko Official

We seek to share the experience of Japan with all who appreciate it, and reveal its beauty to those who have never seen it. We will show you the best cities to visit, the most beautiful places and vistas you should see, we will recommend which food to try, how to best experience the culture and many more! Enjoy Japan through the photos we share on a daily basis! We want to help you to learn more about Japan!

How it all started?

We have always loved travelling, the freedom to go wherever we wanted, to explore distant beautiful places and experience strange and fascinating cultures. But we have also loved sharing our view of those places and our experiences of those cultures with our friends and fellow wanderers. Because of that we decided to start our digital adventure and share it with the world. We knew that there are many people who didn’t have an opportunity to travel and visit many of these wondrous places, so we decided to do out best to present them to you in all their glory.

Why Japan?

Japan has always been a fascinating place for us and we enjoyed learning about it – from its wondrous history and culture, built on millennia old foundations and infused with modern advancements, to it’s breathtaking natural beauty. It is unlike any other place on the Earth; a cultural Galapagos, out of reach for many but still an untouched mystery even for the lucky few living there. To visit Japan means to broaden your horizons, explore places you never knew existed and take on a whole new world and way of life. That is why we chose Japan and decided to help people all around the world to take part in the experience that is Japan and its culture.

About our goal?

Our goal is to bring you the best of Japan, both the famous sights and the hidden gems you didn’t know existed. That way, everyone can enjoy beautiful Japan scenery, no matter where you are. Also we want to share our experiences and all the wonders of the Japanese culture so that one day, when you get a chance to visit Japan, you can use the knowledge gathered on our page to plan your trip and make sure not to miss any of the Japanese travel gems! We want to make your trip to Japan an unforgettable event by helping you find the most interesting locations to visit, best hotels for resting, finest restaurants for eating and prime stores for shopping. We hope you will have an amazing time in Japan and that you will spread our love for Japan with your friends and family.