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Here you can find Japan guides on a wide variety of topics. We made these guides from our own or our friends’ experiences to help you with your big trip to Japan. We can assist you in every step of your journey. From early planning and figuring out how to get to Japan and where to stay. To deciding which of the many interesting spots to visit and experiences to have.
There are many Japan travel tips you can find all over our site. And if you are not planning on traveling soon, there are still many articles and posts which you will surely find interesting. And let’s face it, all of us want to travel to Japan at some point in our lives. Because of that, all this information will be helpful to you. In addition, here we share important Japan travel news and news about Japan in general. And if you are here to have some Japan-related fun, we publish many quizzes and games as well!

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Kayuu Taiji Onsen

Kayuu – Taiji Onsen in Wakayama

This is a resort-style hot spring inn located in the Nanki Taiji hot spring area of the Wakayama prefecture. Boasting a spacious garden overlooking the Kumano-Nada Sea and the gentle mountains along the coast, Yado Kayuu has all you would expect from a resort-style ryokan.

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