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Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan composed of an island chain where the largest island is also called Okinawa. It is the southernmost prefecture in Japan and has the most distinct culture from the rest of the country since many different countries heavily influenced it.

The area has a subtropical climate and is famous as a premier summer destination in Japan. If you saw any pictures of Japan with crystal blue waters and beautiful sandy beaches, the chance is that it was taken on Okinawa.

You can do many things when visiting Okinawa, such as exploring Okinawan culture, eating local dishes, and enjoying nature at its finest. You can visit the capital city of Naha and enjoy many attractions there, such as the Shuri Castle. Or just rent a car and drive around the island.

If you are coming to Japan and want to experience some fun times at the seaside, Okinawa is the place for you.

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