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Do you know all about Japan’s temples, castles, natural wonders and wildlife? Maybe you’re an expert on Japanese geography, history and culture? This is the perfect place to test your knowledge! Japanko Official is famous for weekly Sunday quizzes and games on Instagram. We already covered so may topics such as Japanese food, Typical Japanese items, Language, History, Geography, Anime, and many, many more. We do our best to provide you with fresh and interesting content in every quiz. Here we will post archive of our quizzes. There are so many different topics you can choose. Make sure to browser through the full list. Choose your favorite topics and test your knowledge. Challenge your friends to see who will get better score!

Quizzes and Games List

Japanese Temple

Japanese Mythology Quiz

How well do you know Japanese mythology?

Japan Tokyo Tower

Japanese City Test

Which Japanese city is perfect for you?

Japan Martial Arts

Japanese Martial Arts Quiz

Do you know facts about Japanese martial arts?


Japanese Food Quiz

Test your knowledge about Japanese food!

Japan Nihon

Japanese Language Quiz

Do you know basic Japanese words and phrases?

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