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Best Japanese YouTubers

Best Japanese YouTubers

Rise of Japanese YouTubers

We can’t deny the powerful effects of YouTube around the globe. Being dubbed as the number one site, it is widely recognized, and a huge amount of content is being uploaded day by day. Due to its massive growth, this platform provides great benefits to web marketers. In our article we are bringing you the best Japanese YouTubers.

There is a certain part of YouTube that will definitely interest all of you who are fans of Japan. That is the content made by the best Japanese YouTubers.  These famous YouTubers have provided us with great videos for a couple of years. In fact, the intensity of video uploads has been increasing, especially during the National lockdown due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Various Japanese YouTubers uploaded videos to provide inspiration and entertainment to countless viewers. In today’s article, we will try to bring you a list of famous Japanese YouTubers so that you may learn about them.

YouTube has never dropped from its top social media rank in Japan in 2021. Furthermore, based on Statista.com, this platform has an influential rate of 94, especially among younger generations from 13 to 29 years of age. Getting the top channels with three million avid subscribers, Japanese agencies have started collaborating with eminent Japanese vloggers on YouTube to reach their varied and target audiences.

Best Japanese YouTubers - Top 10

The main question is, who are the most well-known, influential, and best Japanese YouTubers at present times? Here are the top 10 best Japanese YouTubers 2021 by number of video views in the year that you should know about:

1. Avex

This is a Japanese entertainment company led by Max Matsuura in Tokyo, Japan. The company manages internet sensation PikoTaro and J-pop talents like Ayumi Hamasaki. Avex is a short name for Audio Visual Expert, which as you can see, is clearly correct. Currently, Avex announced that they would be releasing over one hundred videos from different artists on their YouTube channel. Artists like AAA. KOda Kumi, Hamasaki Ayumi, and TRF are some of its major guests. 

2. Hajime Shacho

Hajime Shacho is a Japanese YouTuber with a huge number of subscribers in Japan. He is part of the multi-channel UUUM which is widely popular. Apart from YouTube, he got a larger number of followers on Twitter. He often plans exciting activities with his followers.  In 2015, he invited 740 participants to a certain activity in Kanazawa Ward. This event even got a Guinness World Record! This guy frequently posts product review videos, pranks, fun challenges, and other exciting live games.

3. Hikakin

He is also considered as one of the best Japan vloggers after reaching over 9 million subscribers. Hikakin is a skilled Youtuber and known as the co-founder of UUUM along with Hajime Shacho. This is a well-known Japanese YouTube network. His own YouTube channel shows his beatbox talents. As a matter of fact, he became famous after posting his beatbox of the famous Super Mario theme in 2010.

Hikakin has also worked together with famous artists such as Ne-Yo and Ariana Grande. Recently, he keeps himself busy with his Japanese YouTube influencer network, participating in multiple Japanese TV shows.

4. Kan and Aki’s Channel

This Japanese YouTube channel features three tomboy-ish siblings. Akira, Asahi, and Kanna. At a very young age, they conquered the digital world of Japanese Youtube using their charms and skills. They usually make videos showing their new toys, exciting trips, video games they play, and everyday life in their home. At this moment, they are known for being the most-watched and well-known Japanese child YouTube stars.

5. SeikinTV

Seikin is one of the more famous Japanese vloggers on YouTube, and has over 3.9 million subscribers. His older brother, Hikakin, was a big influence on him and persuaded him to become a YouTuber.  He also gained fame as a music composer, and currently, he collaborated with Hikakin to create popular songs which he publishes on YouTube. Their song reached the No. 2 spots on Japan iTunes. SeikinTV is also renowned for having a review on various products, from consumer goods to foods. He is also known for videos where he does DIY projects. In addition to that, he has a second channel called SeikinGames where he plays popular video games. There he has additional 1.3 million subscribers.

6. Fischer’s

Fischer’s is a 6-member group with 6.7 million subscribers. This group was formed on their junior high school graduation day and started making their own name via YouTube, mostly doing comedy stuff. There is one thing that makes Fischer’s one of the best Japanese YouTube channels and it’s the fact that the group is creating their videos with no script. They make many kinds of videos, from comedy to songs, and are also comfortable traveling abroad and filming vlogs. There used to be 7 of them however, after a scandal, one of the members left the group.

7. Tokai on Air

Tokai on Air is a Japanese Youtuber group. Group contains six talented guys. They have 5.8 million subscribers who love their videos. The name of the group comes from the fact that the members of the group met in Central Japan in the Tokai region and decided to start a YouTube Channel. The best thing about their channel is that they catch the attention of younger Japanese generations and are quite funny with their videos. They entertain their viewers with their comedic stunts and prank videos.

8. Yuka Kinoshita

People are often surprised when they learn of Yuka, one of the most popular Japanese female YouTubers with over 5.5 million subscribers. That is because Yuka Kinoshita is a well-known competitive eater. She films herself eating in front of her camera every week. She also answers questions from her avid fans and subscribers. In her eye-opening and surprising videos, Yuka often eats huge amounts of delicious foods with astronomical calorie counts, from 5000 calories to over 15000. This small Japanese girl can eat in one sitting more than most people can in several days!

Yuka began her YouTube channel to provide entertainment to her viewers in 2014. She went to a buffet, having an eat-all-you-can promo with her colleague. Then, she found out that while her colleagues gave up after a few minutes, she could still keep eating for several hours.

One surprising thing about her channel is that most of her viewers are women who feel like they are having a good time with a friend. One thing that makes her channel stand out even more is the fact that she is among few famous Japanese YouTube channels with English subtitles. Because of this, both Japanese and worldwide audience can enjoy her content.

9. Sushi Ramen

This hilarious youtuber is also known as Riku and has over 5.5 million subscribers. His videos are full of unique and experimental videos and pranks such as the ones where he dresses up as characters from Super Mario Brothers and pretends he is in the game. Sushi Ramen also increased his viewers and fans by working together often with famous Japanese YouTube vloggers like Sky Peace or Mizutamari Bond. At present, he is taking a short break to concentrate on his studies. But, he intends to upload more videos soon with more creative and funnier content.

10. JunsKitchen

One of my personal favorite Japanese YouTube channels in 2021 is JunsKitchen, and he also has over 5 million subscribers. In his videos you will find most amazing recipes and meals that he prepares and explains simply. I have made so many meals using his tips as well. His videos often feature interactions with his four adorable cats. He also makes meals made perfectly for them like “Sushi for cats.” In fact, this video got more than 20 million views. Even if Jun is not an expert chef, his content catches the right theme for his subscribers, who definitely enjoy his exceptional skills compared to other Japanese YouTube channels that offer cooking shows or videos.

JunsKitchen also has another YouTube channel that he made with his wife Rachel, dubbed as Rachel and Jun. This channel contains a lot of of various contents about Japanese daily life and culture. I highly recommend you check it out!

Other Famous Japanese YouTube Channels

There are just the top 10 Japanese Youtubers. There are many more that are fun and deserve your attention but didn’t make the top 10. One of these is the Mizutamari Bond channel which has over 4 million subscribers. Mizutamari Bond is formed by Tommy and Kanta who met at the Aoyama Gakuin University club in Tokyo. They named their channel at first  “Manzai,” which means a stand-up comedy act. Their YouTube channel covers a huge range of themes such as cooking, pranks, and a mix of creative and stunning experimental scenes.

One of the most viral videos they made is one where Kanta pretends to cook rice for Tommy and tosses a big wave of “fried rice” to surprise him. This video reached more than 11 million views. Just like some other YouTubers from Japan, Mizutamari Bond provides English subtitles for their non-Japanese subscribers. Because of this, you can enjoy their content even if you don’t understand Japanese language.

In addition, many people also love the videos made by a youtuber called Hikaru. He became famous during his live gaming channels days and is recognisable for his stunning black and blond hair.  He is also known for speaking straight to the point, with no sugar-coat statements to his viewers. Because of this, he is very popular in Japan where the culture of keeping views or opinions private is highly practiced. That made him standout from the rest. In 2017, he had to take a break from making videos, after a scandal where he apparently made monetary gains at the expense of his fans. Today, he is active on YouTube and keeps making good content. As a matter of fact, his recent video hit more than one million views in just one week. 

Japanese Aesthetic YouTubers

Most of the Japanese aesthetic YouTubers are famous for their exceptional talents and creativity, especially when it comes to cooking, pranks, reviews, and experiments. I am sure that you will find someone you like and enjoy his or her content.

Which one seems the most interesting to you? Do you already watch some of them? Please comment below and let us know!

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Top 10 Japanese YouTubers Infographics
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