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Cool Japanese Gifts

Cool Japanese Gifts You Can Get Today

In Japan, like in many parts of the world, gift-giving is a big part of the culture. It’s even considered a somewhat vital method to keep interpersonal relationships running smoothly. People give gifts to their friends, family, and even coworkers on many different occasions. Aside from many cool Japanese gifts, Japan has a unique way of giving gifts. So why not emulate the Japanese and give cool gifts to others.

Do you plan to visit Japan and want to get the best Japanese gifts? Then, this post is for you. I will reveal to you Japanese inspired gifts you can get for your family and friends.

Giving gifts is a good way to show your appreciation to someone close to you. There are many Japanese gift ideas to make someone you love feel special. I will provide you a list of gifts for Japanese culture lovers. So, you can give your loved ones beautiful gifts from Japan.

Cool Japanese Gifts

Gift Giving in Japan

As I already said, Japanese gifts are given on various occasions. Here are some of the methods of gift giving in Japan. Oh, and remember that when handing Japanese presents, the gift giver and receiver use both hands.

Avoid giving gifts in sets of 4

I also suggest that you need to be careful when wrapping your gifts. Gift sets of four are avoided in Japan gifts because it is an unlucky number. The four in Japan is pronounced similar to the word “death.”

Omiyage and Temiyage

One of the ways you can give a Japanese gift is for Omiyage and Temiyage. Omiyage are gifts you can bring home from your trip. They should come in a clean presentable package. For example, they can be wrapped or placed in a special bag from the store. On the other hand, Temiyage are thank-you gifts you can give while visiting someone. Usually because of something they have done for you or will do in the future.

Ochugen and Oseibo

Another occasion of gift-giving in Japan is Ochugen and Oseibo. It is the time when relatives, friends, and co-workers exchange gifts. Ochugen are gifts given in the middle of the year, while Oseibo are given at the end of the year. These gifts are usually worth around 5000 yen or household items, alcohol, food, or something similar.

Christmas and Birthday

Meanwhile, even though giving gifts during Christmas and birthdays is not originally a tradition in Japan, some exchange gifts on these occasions due to the influence from the West.
Gift Giving In Japan

Gifts for Japanese Culture Lovers

I will provide you ideas about gifts for people who like Japan. With this, you can choose the best Japan gift you can bring home for your loved ones. There are many Japanese themed gifts you can choose from to show your appreciation and love for someone.

Giving Japanese unique gifts also helps to maintain and strengthen relationships. Japan has more emphasis on the ritual of giving gifts than the gift itself. You should also be familiar with their tradition of giving gifts.

As I mentioned earlier, you should give and receive the gift with both hands as a sign of respect. Don’t open a gift in front of a group of people. Another superstition with gift giving in Japan relates to numbers. A gift in pairs is considered lucky, while four or nine is avoided since it is unlucky. If you give money as a gift for a wedding, you should offer it in an odd number. Since even numbers come with the superstition that the couple might split.

Gifts For Japanese Culture Lovers

Unique Japanese gifts

Here are some of the unique Japanese gifts you can get for your friends and family. You can get them in Japan or by ordering them online.

  1. Kimono or Yukata
  2. Japanese candy box
  3. Sake set
  4. Cool chopsticks
  5. Noren
  6. Japanese dining set
  7. Japanese knife

Kimono or Yukata

One of the most unique Japanese gifts you can choose from is the kimono or yukata. It is a popular souvenir if you visit Japan. The kimono is the traditional and more expensive garment of Japan. It is commonly made from brocade or silk. It has an outer and inner layer and people wear it with at least two collars. 

On the other hand, yukata is a more casual and more affordable garment. It is usually made from cotton and designed to wear during summer. If you want to make your trip to Japan memorable, you can purchase a kimono or yukata for your loved ones. 

Kimono As Gift From Japan

Japanese Candy Box

Another cool gift you can get from Japan is a candy box. You can treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious snacks from Japan. It is ideal for giving to kids or friends who love treats and snacks. With a candy box, you can show your sweetness to someone. This gift can surely make someone smile. 

The candy box is full of popular brands of snacks from Japan. You can give this gift as a thank-you gift for someone. The best about the candy box is that you have many options of snacks and candies to include in your gift. 

Japanese Candy Box

Sake Set

A sake set is a unique and beautiful gift for your friends or family. When you visit Japan, I definitely suggest getting a nice sake set. This set is more than just a term used for carafes and cups used in serving sake (a traditional alcoholic Japanese drink made from rice). 

Traditionally, sake sets come in ceramic; some are also made from plastic or glass. So, you can choose based on your standards and preference. It has cute designs that make it a good display on the person’s home to whom you will give your gift. It can be a good item if someone wants to drink their favorite drink. 

Sake Set Cool Japanese Gifts

Cool chopsticks

Cool chopsticks are also among the best Japanese novelty gifts you can give to your friends or family. You can find it in different stores as you visit Japan. You can prefer modern, cute or traditional quality lacquered chopsticks as a gift item for your loved ones. There are various colorful cool chopsticks that are made from plastic and wooden material you can choose from based on your preference. 

It is an ideal gift for someone who wants to learn to eat with chopsticks. You may not know it, but chopsticks can offer a sentimental value for the receiver. If you want a cute gift from your Japan trip, chopsticks are a good option. 

Cool Chopsticks Japanese Gift


Noren is also one of the coolest Japanese gifts out there. It is a long, curtain-like fabric that splits into two. It was hung in front of the entrance of Japanese stores. Most households in Japan hang Noren at their house entrance. They also use it as a room divider.

You can purchase this gift item in shops that sell small items and interior shops. It is available in different cloths, sizes, designs, and colors. Originally, people have used Noren to protect their houses from dust and wind. It can be a good design for any home or store. This can be a simple gift with deep meaning. 

Noren Japanese Curtain

Japanese Dining Set

A Japanese dining set is among the great Japanese gifts to get for your friends, family, or special someone. It comes with high quality and durability for long-lasting efficiency. The Japanese dining set can be a traditional gift that can help strengthen the bond of a family. With this set, you can eat together with your loved ones.

The Japanese dining set has a beautiful aesthetic that everyone can admire. It is also available in different shapes, colors and textures. With a Japanese dining set, a family can eat their delicious meal comfortably together. It can be a good way to experience unique dining. Thus, it represents the culture of Japan. 

Japanese Dining Set Japanese Gifts

Japanese Knife 

Japanese knife is also a good gift idea. You can purchase it during your visit to Japan. It is the best gift for those who love cooking. There are many options of Japanese knife sets to choose from based on your preference. The craftsmen make these knives with excellent quality for long-lasting efficiency. 

You can give it as a gift for someone who is an aspiring chef. You can buy among the best-selling Japanese knife sets in Japan. With this, the receiver of your gift can have a quality tool in preparing their meal. You can select from various designs available on the market. 

Japanese Knife Cool Japanese Gifts

Bonus Gift - Haiku Poem

If you have a friend or a family member who loves poetry, why not buy them a famous haiku as a piece of artwork, or even commission someone to write a custom haiku just for them!

Furuike ya
Kawazu tobikomu
Mizu no oto

The old pond
A frog leaps in.
Sound of the water.

Matsuo Basho,
17th century haiku poet


To sum it up, gift-giving in Japan is already part of their rich culture. However, they have a unique ritual in giving gifts like what I mentioned above. Are you planning to travel to Japan and looking for the best Japanese gifts? Then, you can consider the list above of cool Japanese gifts. 

With these gifts, you can discover the tradition of the country. In addition, you can also show your appreciation, love, and care for your family and friends through these excellent Japanese gifts. You can give these gifts to someone you love as you go back to your country. These are the best souvenirs from your memorable trip to Japan. 

Cool Japanese Gifts Infographic

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