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Let's Explore the Seasons of Japan

One of the best and most unique things about Japan is how drastically it changes with each season and how every season has something amazing about it. Something that makes you visit Japan in that time. You can say that everyone should visit Japan four times. Once in every season!

Spring is the season of new beginnings and is most famous for cherry blossoms and hanami (cherry blossom viewing parties). The weather is usually warm and humid, and it is an ideal time to explore both rural and urban Japan. However, you can expect big crowds all over the country.

Summer in Japan is hot and humid, and during parts of summer, it rains a lot, and some typhoons can appear. In summer, there are many festivals all over the country, such as Tanabata Festival. At many of these festivals, you can enjoy fireworks, eat street food, and experience the culture.

Autumn is another popular time to visit Japan. This season is a time for change as the leaves start to turn red, orange or yellow and fall from the trees. This creates spectacular scenes all over the countryside. The weather is usually cool and ideal for exploring. As with spring, you can expect big crowds.

Winter in Japan can be very cold, but it also has some beautiful snow scenes that are worth seeing at least once in your lifetime! It is also a season of ice skating, skiing, winter illumination, and Christmas celebrations.

Which season will be perfect for you? Read our articles and find out.

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