Kayuu – Taiji Onsen in Wakayama

Kayuu Taiji Onsen

This is a resort-style hot spring inn located in the Nanki Taiji hot spring area of the Wakayama prefecture. Boasting a spacious garden overlooking the Kumano-Nada Sea and the gentle mountains along the coast, Yado Kayuu has all you would expect from a resort-style ryokan.

Kijitei Hoeiso – Hakone

Kijitei Hoeiso

Kijitei Hoeiso – Hakone Table of Contents Kijitei Hoeiso Introduction When planning a trip to Japan, I am sure that most of you will include the big and famous cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. While they are truly spectacular places to visit and you could spend weeks in each one without seeing it all, no […]

Araya Totoan in Yamashiro Onsen – Ishikawa

Araya Totoan

Araya Totoan in Yamashiro Onsen – Ishikawa Table of Contents Araya Totoan Introduction When many of us think of Japan, we often imagine an exotic land filled with wonders of culture and nature. We imagine ourselves exploring its beautiful scenery and getting in touch with its proud and interesting history. We envision ourselves walking in the footsteps of […]

Grandia Housen in Awara Onsen – Fukui

Grandia Housen

Grandia Housen in Awara Onsen – Fukui Table of Contents Grandia Housen Introduction Grandia Housen in Awara Onsen is a beautiful and luxurious ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel, located in Awara Onsen, a town in the north of Fukui Prefecture famous for its hot springs. Here you can have an authentic and luxurious experience of a […]

Hotel Iya Onsen – Iya Valley

Hotel Iya Onsen

Hotel Iya Onsen – Iya Valley Table of Contents Hotel Iya Onsen Introduction Have you ever had the chance to visit Shikoku? Unfortunately, many tourists skip this amazing island while planning their trip across Japan. Because of that, they never learn about all the interesting and beautiful things you can see and experience there. If you […]

Nishiyama Ryokan – Kyoto


Nishiyama Ryokan – Kyoto Table of Contents Nishiyama Ryokan Introduction Are you planning on visiting the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto? If you are a fan of Japanese culture and history, I am sure that you will get the chance to visit this historic city. If you do, you should definitely book a stay at […]

Shibu Onsen Kokuya

Shibu Onsen Kokuya

For as long as I have been fascinated by Japan I wanted to visit and stay at a traditional Japanese-style inn also known as a ryokan, and on my last trip across Japan I finally had that opportunity. After spending a few days in Tokyo, I set out for my next destination, Nagano Prefecture, and my accommodation […]