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Aogami Kyoto

Aogami Kyoto Japanese Food Skewers

If you are one of those lucky people that are planning to travel to Japan. and you are looking for a unique experience on that trip when visiting Kyoto, check out Aogami Kyoto Cooking Class. There you can find amazing Japanese cooking classes where you can learn authentic Japanese home-made cooking and purchase high-quality Japanese kitchen knives.

Japanese cuisine, with its myriad of unique, exciting, and delicious dishes, is definitely one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Because of that, every trip to Japan must, at least in part, focus on this feature of Japanese culture. So if you visit Japan, you owe it to yourself to try as much unique Japanese dishes as possible. You have so many options on this culinary adventure in the land of the rising sun. From the delicious and affordable street food in Osaka, to the high end, Michelin starred restaurants of Tokyo and Kyoto, there are so many places to choose from. Furthermore, there are many different types of dishes to try like sushi, sashimi, ramen, soba, chicken teriyaki, donburi, tempura, tonkatsu and many more. It doesn’t matter if you are a true foodie, simply curious or you just have a passing interest in food, Japan has something for everyone.

However, there is an even better way to experience Japanese food than visiting restaurants or street food vendors. You can learn how to make it on your own! That way you take a part of Japanese culinary tradition back home with you and share it with your friends and family.

The best way to learn this is to find a good Japanese cooking class with a reliable and experienced chef who can teach you the ins and outs of Japanese cuisine. Such Japanese cooking classes can be booked at Aogami Kyoto and we highly recommend you check out their website.

Ideally located in the center of the ancient capital, benefiting from state-of-the-art facilities, Aogami Kyoto is a Japanese cooking school offering simple hands-on cooking classes held in English or French.

Aogami Kyoto was founded by Alexandre, a French cuisinier trained with Alain Ducasse professional academy in Paris. He has been living in Japan for more than ten years now, regularly teaching French and Japanese cooking classes. Alexandre comes from a family of food enthusiasts. Gourmet himself, he is extremely passionate about Japanese gastronomy and ancestral knife-making savoir-faire. He is a perfect guide on your journey to learn how to create delicious, simple to prepare and beautiful Japanese traditional meals and discover the Japanese culinary culture.

During the class, you will prepare an « ichi-ju-sansai » menu elaborated according to the season. Alexandre will help you discover local ingredients and learn hands-on how to cook several typical Japanese dishes (one main and two or three side dishes, white rice and miso soup). You will also acquire basic knife-skills and master simple homemade “dashi” stock as well as white rice preparation.

Friendly, informal and interactive, the format of the class will you offer you a unique opportunity to ask questions and get all the tips and tricks you need to recreate the recipes for your family and friends back home. At the end of the session, you will enjoy the delicious meal you prepared, share your impressions, learn more about Kyoto and maybe make new friends.

Aogami Kyoto’s Japanese cooking classes can be tailored to your travel schedule. Lessons can be organized for small groups from 2 to 7 people. If you are traveling solo and would like to have a unique one-to-one cooking session, Alexandre will be more than happy to welcome you.

As a great plus, you will able to receive proper advice to choose the knife adapted to your needs and shop Aogami Kyoto’s sharp selection of high quality handmade Japanese kitchen blades.

For Japan-based foodies, Aogami Kyoto is also offering hands-on French cooking lessons to learn how to prepare savory family dishes and mouth-watering French bistro classics.

Interested in learning how to cook simple delicious Japanese home-made classics? Ready to have a unique food experience in Kyoto and a lot of fun doing it? Willing to purchase the perfect kitchen knife for you or bring back unforgettable presents for your loved ones. If so, we highly recommend you to check out Aogami Kyoto’s website and book a class today!

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