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Shinjuku Izakaya Tour

Shinjuku Izakaya Tour

Join us on an unforgettable journey through Shinjuku, Tokyo’s vibrant heart, as we explore the world of Izakayas with charismatic guide Yoshi. Discover the art of Japanese dining and immerse yourself in culture while savoring exquisite cuisine.

5am Ramen – Tokyo Ramen Tours

Tokyo Ramen Tours Featured

5am Ramen offers great Tokyo ramen tours, which any ramen fan must try. I got the chance to try many types of ramen and learn about them!

Tokyo Food Tour by Arigato Travel

Tokyo Food Tour Featured

Any fan of Japanese food should go on a food tour when they come to Japan. You will always learn something new or try a meal in a different way.

Cen Diversity Hotel & Cafe

Hotel Cen Featured

Cen Diversity Hotel & Cafe is a really interesting place in Shinokubo, an area known as Tokyo’s Koreatown, located just north of Shinjuku. I had some delicious drinks and cake here!

The Best Sake in Japan

The Best Sake In Japan

Sake is an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. Learn more about best sake in Japan!

Tokyo Food

Tokyo Food Map

Here you can find our interactive Tokyo Food Map and our favorite Japanese food recipes.

Aogami Kyoto

Aogami Kyoto Japanese Food Skewers

Aogami Kyoto is a cooking school where you can attend simple hands-on cooking classes.

Japan Food Trips

Japan Food Trips Japanese Food

Japan Food Trips is a food tour experience where you can get a taste of Japan’s best culinary dishes.