Candeo Hotels Utsunomiya

Candeo Hotels Utsunomiya Featured

Candeo Hotels Utsunomiya is a new and affordable upscale Candeo chain hotel located in the capital of Tochigi Prefecture close to Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower Visit

Tokyo Tower Featured

Tokyo Tower is one of the most iconic symbols of this great city, and everyone that comes to Tokyo should see it up close.

5am Ramen – Tokyo Ramen Tours

Tokyo Ramen Tours Featured

5am Ramen offers great Tokyo ramen tours, which any ramen fan must try. I got the chance to try many types of ramen and learn about them!

Tokyo Food Tour by Arigato Travel

Tokyo Food Tour Featured

Any fan of Japanese food should go on a food tour when they come to Japan. You will always learn something new or try a meal in a different way.

Nagoya is not boring

Nagoya Is Not Boring Featured

Nagoya is not boring and that is true – it is a wonderful city full of history and interesting places, both historical and modern.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi Featured

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi is an affordable and stylish hotel located in the heart of Tokyo’s iconic nightlife district.

Cen Diversity Hotel & Cafe

Hotel Cen Featured

Cen Diversity Hotel & Cafe is a really interesting place in Shinokubo, an area known as Tokyo’s Koreatown, located just north of Shinjuku. I had some delicious drinks and cake here!