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Shinjuku Izakaya Tour

Shinjuku Izakaya Tour

Join us on an unforgettable journey through Shinjuku, Tokyo’s vibrant heart, as we explore the world of Izakayas with charismatic guide Yoshi. Discover the art of Japanese dining and immerse yourself in culture while savoring exquisite cuisine.

Kendo Experience in Tokyo

Kendo Experience Samurai Trips

Discover the thrilling world of Kendo in Japan with our firsthand experience at a traditional dojo in Tokyo – a must-try for culture enthusiasts!

My Cozy Stay at Section L Ueno-Hirokoji

Section L Ueno Hirokoji Outside

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and convenience at Section L Ueno-Hirokoji in Tokyo. Read our review for insights on the hotel’s prime location, cozy rooms with modern amenities, unique sauna experience, and vibrant social atmosphere. Ideal for Tokyo travelers seeking a memorable stay


The Gate Hotel Tokyo Building

Welcome to my latest travel experience in Japan, where I had the pleasure of staying at The Gate Hotel Tokyo by Hulic. This modern and luxurious hotel, part of the renowned Gate Hotel brand, promises an exceptional stay right in the heart of Tokyo. Close to Tokyo Station and adjacent to the famous Ginza district, […]

How Many Days in Osaka Is Enough

Osaka Dotonbori Canal

I’m excited to help you figure out your perfect Osaka trip and decide how many days in Osaka will make your adventure unforgettable.