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Glamp Ocean Iseshima in Shima Peninsula

Tucked away on the scenic Shima Peninsula, in the area of Ise-Shima National Park, is a gem unlike any other – Glamp Ocean Iseshima.

Combining the wild allure of camping with the comfort and luxury of a high-end hotel, Glamp Ocean Iseshima is a glamping – or glamorous camping – resort that offers a unique vacation experience.

Inaugurated in July 2020, this unique resort sits on a private beach, overlooked by the Awamiko Shrine, one of the 125 buildings of the sacred Ise Jingu Inner Shrine. The resort is nestled between the calm, shallow waters of its private beach and a quiet cape, offering a secluded haven for visitors.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima is thoughtfully divided into two sections: the Bay Area and the Seaside Area. Each offers a unique vibe and view. The Seaside Area, as the name suggests, is situated right on the seashore, providing an open and airy ambience. In contrast, the Bay Area is enveloped by beach woods, creating a more private and peaceful setting.

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Glamp Ocean Iseshima Fantastic View

The Experience

Glamping is a blend of glamour and camping, an outdoor adventure elevated by creature comforts that would typically be found in a hotel. It’s the luxury of a plush bed, a private bathroom, and gourmet meals, without sacrificing the rustling breeze, the sweet song of local fauna, and the incomparable vistas of natural beauty.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima truly embodies this concept. The dome-style rooms here are every bit as comfortable and luxurious as what you’d find in a top-notch hotel or a traditional Japanese ryokan, yet they preserve that intimate connection with nature that defines camping. This resort allows you to immerse yourself in the great outdoors without giving up the conveniences of modern life.

The location of Glamp Ocean Iseshima in the Ise-Shima area further enhances this experience. The Ise-Shima National Park, encompassing the cities of Ise, Toba, and Shima along with the town of Minami-Ise, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural significance. The park is known for its rugged coastline, pearl cultivation, and the Ise Shrines, considered the most sacred Shinto shrines in Japan. The Shima Peninsula is a beloved leisure resort area, drawing visitors from urban hubs like Nagoya and Osaka who seek a blend of relaxation, adventure, and spirituality.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the specifics of Glamp Ocean Iseshima’s accommodation, cuisine, access, and the local sightseeing opportunities that you can explore during your stay.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima View From The Outside After Sunset

Guest Rooms

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with a larger group, Glamp Ocean Iseshima has the perfect accommodation to enhance your glamping experience. Each of the seven uniquely themed domes stands as a testament to both comfort and creativity.

Glamp Ocean Accommodation

Seaside Area Rooms

The Seaside Area hosts five themed domes: Sea, Wind, Earth, Wood, and White. Each is meticulously decorated with distinctive lamps and furniture to reflect its theme, offering a remarkable stay that connects you with the elements of nature. The open windows allow you to soak in the breathtaking view of the far-reaching horizon.

The White Room, for instance, embodies the essence of a fresh start. Its entirely white interior symbolizes trust and neatness, providing a tranquil contrast to the blue expanse of the Ise Bay.

For a more nautical experience, the Sea Room surrounds you with a crisp blue interior that mirrors the ocean outside your window. The interior decorations and picture book only add to the feeling that you are floating on the sea.

In the Earth Room, relax amidst the soft earthy tones and enjoy the breathtaking view of Ise Bay. It’s a natural oasis designed for comfort and serenity.

Each dome in the Seaside Area comes with air conditioning for year-round comfort, hotel-style amenities, and four semi-double beds. These spacious, 38m² dome tents accommodate two to four guests.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima Interiors

Bay Area Rooms

Nestled among beach woods, the Bay Area offers two types of domes. The Private-type Domes are perfect for couples, providing a quiet, serene atmosphere for two. The larger Comfort-type Domes, on the other hand, can comfortably host up to four guests, making them a popular choice for families.

Whether you choose the private or comfort type, each dome in the Bay Area comes with a private deck where grilling is allowed, creating an idyllic setting for barbecues.

These domes are also equipped with air conditioning for year-round comfort, hotel-style amenities, and either two or four semi-double beds, depending on the type. The private type domes span 28m², while the comfort-type domes offer a larger area of 38m².

Glamp Ocean Iseshima View From The Outside

Additional Amenities

Regardless of your choice of dome, each room at Glamp Ocean Iseshima is furnished with air conditioning, a refrigerator, free WiFi, a sofa, table, flashlight, coffee maker, mineral water, kettle, hairdryer, slippers (indoor/outdoor), and even wine glasses.

Amenities provided for your convenience include hand towels, bath towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body lotion, cotton swabs, toothbrush, brush, shaver, and a deodorant for clothes. Please note that nightwear is not provided, so guests should bring their own.

Guests are also able to rent insect repellent spray for free and barbecue grills for a fee. For those who wish to bring their own barbecue food, a grill stand rental is required.

From the unique themes and carefully selected décor to the attention paid to providing comfort, each room at Glamp Ocean Iseshima is designed to make your glamping experience a truly memorable one.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima Aerial View


Glamp Ocean Iseshima proudly sources the best of the land and sea from the local pantry that is Iseshima. The menu offers a culinary journey, carefully crafted by young, passionate chefs, ensuring guests experience the region’s bountiful produce in an enjoyable and memorable way.

The special barbecue dinner showcases an array of sumptuous ingredients. Begin with a variety of appetizers, relish ajillo with oysters, a hearty bouillabaisse, and a medley of meats. Complement this with assorted vegetables, a creamy cheese risotto, and finish off with a sweet touch of S’mores and fresh fruit.

For those seeking to elevate their dining experience, additional seafood options and a Premier BBQ featuring Matsuzaka beef and spiny lobster are available.

Two breakfast types are available to cater to individual preferences: Western, delivered at each beach house, and Japanese, served at Umi-no-chou.

Also, the extensive drink menu includes cocktails, champagne, wine, beer, non-alcoholic beer, and Japanese sake to accompany meals.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima caters to younger palates as well, offering BBQ meal options for children of various age groups.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima Meals


In this great place there is a wide range of facilities that enhance the luxurious glamping experience, enabling guests to enjoy the best of comfort and convenience while staying in harmony with the natural surroundings.


Glamp Ocean Iseshima’s main building, Tropicana, serves as the hub for all dining and relaxation needs. With a diverse drink, meal, and dessert menu available, guests can also indulge in the room service offerings.

Seaside Dining

Guests staying in Seaside Deck accommodations can take advantage of the indoor dining area, providing a cozy atmosphere for meal enjoyment during inclement weather.

Bay-side Pool

The Bay-side pool, nestled within the greenery, serves as a refreshing oasis, available from early June to late August.

Private Deck & Beach

For guests residing in Bay Terrace accommodations, a private deck is available, ensuring a versatile grilling experience. Additionally, a private 150m beach provides a serene setting for relaxation.

Onsen Open-air Baths & Shower Rooms

The natural hot spring open-air baths at Ryosou Uminochou offer guests a place to unwind and refresh. Shower rooms are also readily available for guest convenience.

Garden Pools (Summer only)

Two garden pools nestled amidst flowers and greenery add to the summer fun, complete with a water slide for children.

Awamiko Jinja

Adjacent to the property is the Awamiko Jinja, the closest shrine to the shore among the 125 in the Ise Jingu complex. It serves as a reminder of the rich cultural traditions and the spiritual aspects of the coast.

Glamp Ocean Iseshima Rooms


Exploring Toba and its surrounding areas offers guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in history, culture, and natural beauty. Key attractions range from historical shrines to vibrant marine parks and charming local shops.

Indoor Attractions

On days when the weather may not be as inviting, there are still a plethora of enticing options to consider. The Ise Sea Paradise Aquarium and Toba Aquarium are wonderful destinations, showcasing a rich array of marine life and providing both entertaining and educational experiences for visitors of all ages.

For those with an interest in home decor, MARCI Lifestyle Store serves as a haven, offering a broad selection of furnishings, accessories, and other household items.

Tea connoisseurs might find themselves drawn to Isuzuchaya Honten, a traditional Japanese tea house renowned for its matcha tea and sweets.

And for those with a sweet tooth, a visit to Fujiya-sogetsudo is a must. It’s known for its locally beloved shaved ice, rounding off a varied list of attractions suitable for any weather condition.

Outdoor Attractions

When blessed with sunny weather, a number of outdoor attractions around Glamp Ocean Iseshima are well worth exploring. 

The iconic Ise Jingu, a shrine complex comprising 125 shrines, stands as a testament to the region’s religious significance, renowned for its size and the multitude of rituals conducted annually. 

The nearby Futami Okitama Jinja, known for its Meotoiwa or Married Couple Rocks, presents a fascinating natural landmark within the shrine precincts. For those interested in local products, the charming streets of Oharaimachi and Okage Yokochou brim with diverse shops. 

The revered Ishigami-san attracts visitors from all corners of the country with its reputation as a wish-granting deity. For a breathtaking panorama of Ago Bay and its numerous islands, the Yokoyama Observatory is a must-visit.

 Rounding off this list, Shima Spain Village offers a vibrant theme park experience with various attractions catering to all age groups, adding to the diverse and fulfilling stay at Glamp Ocean Iseshima.

Glamp Ocean View


Reaching Glamp Ocean Iseshima is quite convenient from several major cities. If you’re driving, the journey takes around 105 minutes from Nagoya and approximately 160 minutes from either Osaka or Nara. Should you choose to travel by train, Kintetsu Toba station is your destination.

From Nagoya, the train journey will be around 110 minutes, whereas it’ll take approximately 130 minutes from Osaka and about 140 minutes from Kyoto. For added convenience, Glamp Ocean Iseshima offers a complimentary shuttle bus service from Kintetsu Toba Station. Simply give us a call at +81-596-44-1060 upon your arrival, and we’ll happily pick you up. The meeting point is the tourist information office at the Kintetsu Toba station.


Immerse yourself in a unique seaside getaway at Glamp Ocean Iseshima. From indulging in their delectable barbecue meals to exploring the stunning facilities like Tropicana, seaside dining areas, and onsen open-air baths, you’re sure to make unforgettable memories.

Explore the beauty of the surrounding area with a wealth of sightseeing opportunities, including historical shrines, aquariums, and serene natural landscapes.

Easily accessible from Nagoya, Osaka, and Nara by car or train, this magical retreat ensures a stress-free journey to your relaxing destination. Allow us to welcome you for a one-of-a-kind glamping experience, where luxury, comfort, and nature intertwine.

Where is Glamp Ocean Iseshima?

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