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InterContinental Tokyo Bay

During my trip to Japan, I visited many amazing places and stayed at some great hotels. One of these is the InterContinental Tokyo Bay. 

This hotel, located in the heart of Tokyo Bay, is an ideal place to stay thanks to its proximity to major business, shopping, and entertainment centers and its high level of service and luxury.

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Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Building

My Visit to the InterContinental Tokyo Bay

There are many good things I can say about the InterContinental Tokyo Bay; however, there is a particular reason why I am so fond of it. That is because it was the first hotel I stayed in during my trip to Japan.

The InterContinental brand has always been known for its high level of service and luxury they offer. This can be seen when you enter its spectacular lobby, which, among others, features a large and beautiful traditional Japanese artwork.

Location and Access

There are many things I like about this hotel. And one of these its great location.

The hotel is easily accessible since a walkway connects it to the Takeshiba Station and is also close to the Hamamatsuchō Station.
The location was ideal for me since I planned on exploring Odaiba and going shopping in Ginza.

Also, the Tokyo Tower is nearby, so I recommend that everyone staying in this hotel take a night stroll to the Tokyo Tower to enjoy it close up.

The famed Hama-rikyū Gardens and the less known Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens are located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel and are great locations to escape the rush of the city. Both have lovely ponds, paths, and gardens which you can explore for a small fee.

My Room

After the check-in, I was escorted to my room on the 13th floor of the InterContinental Tokyo Bay. Once in the room, I was stunned by the view that stretched from my room. Sumida river, surrounded by the lights of Tokyo’s many buildings, is a scene I will not forget soon. Hundreds of cars on the city bridges and many boats that cruised down the river made the scene even more memorable.

In general, the Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Hotel offers several kinds of rooms that are divided into two groups according to the view they offer. These are the Riverside view rooms, which provide beautiful views of the Sumida river and the city, and the Bay View rooms, which have a breathtaking view of the entire Tokyo Bay and the famous Rainbow Bridge.

Since I was exhausted from the trip, I really wanted to take a nice hot bath, so I was happy to see that not only did my room have a nice bath, but it also had a really large shower. As a matter of fact, the whole bathroom was very spacious and luxurious.

While the already described amazing view is the main selling point of this room, it has much more to offer, such as many amenities and in-room items. These include, among others, a flat-screen TV, espresso machine, refrigerator, personal safe, Bluetooth entertainment system, and a wide variety of toiletries, all of which I tested, of course.

The bed itself was quite comfortable, and I really enjoyed my first night of sleep in Japan. The view of the city welcomed me again in the morning as I woke up and filled me with the excitement of exploring the surrounding area. But first I had to have breakfast of course!


I had my breakfast in the recently opened NAGOMI Lounge. This tranquil space was ideal for such a breakfast and to relax a bit as well. It was made using wooden elements to create a warm atmosphere, and it incorporates a refined modern Japanese interior and creates a calming Japanese-style ambiance.

In addition to breakfast, the lounge offers a variety of complimentary food and beverage services. For example, a selection of beer, wines, and canapés is served during evening cocktail time so guests can relax and enjoy the atmosphere before dinner. So if you need a place to relax and unwind while enjoying delicious meals and drinks, the NAGOMI Lounge is the place for you!

Now back to breakfast. It was a delicious Japanese style, which included many staple dishes such as steamed rice, miso soup, soybean tofu, broiled fish, and many others. I especially enjoyed the Japanese omelette, both how it looked and how it tasted! All in all, a great start to the day.

Hudson Lounge

Also, there’s a place called the Hudson Lounge located in the lobby, which I really enjoyed. The thing that stood out to me is the ceiling with a height of over 5 meters which makes the area feel quite spacious. Additionally, it features a fireplace at the center and cool looking bar area.

If you want some privacy, either for dinner or business meetings, there are rooms in the lounge you can rent. In the lounge, you can enjoy original cocktails handcrafted by skilled bartenders and even some light meals and seasonal sweets such as an afternoon tea set or cake set.

As for the cakes and sweets, I was happy to find out there’s also a cake shop next to the lounge. It offers a variety of cakes, baked goods, & original hotel goods carefully created by Executive Chef Pâtissier Tsunaki Yao. There were so many awesome-looking cakes, and it was so hard to pick one! Luckily, the staff helped me out with some suggestions.

After an excellent breakfast, much-needed coffee, and delicious cakes, I was ready to explore the city. Fortunately for me, the location of the hotel is ideal for exploring several parts of Tokyo, and the nearest station is not too far, as I said before.

During my stay there, I explored the neighboring Ginza, Shimbashi, and also Odaiba, all of which are located not too far. I especially recommend taking the Yurikamome line from the hotel to Odaiba since that way, you will witness some amazing sights of the city and the bay.

Chef's Live Kitchen

On my return to the hotel after a whole day of exploring the city, I was happy to see that the hotel had several nice restaurants and lounges where I could eat and relax.

One of these is a buffet restaurant called Chef’s Live Kitchen which I also highly recommend. It has a wide selection of both Western and Japanese seasonal food with some interesting desserts. I couldn’t get enough of the sushi they offer and their delicious beef and mashed potato dish.

If you come a bit early or you’re lucky, you can grab some amazing places right next to the windows, so when you’re eating, you can enjoy the amazing view of Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge, which lights up in many colors during the night.

Final Words

Finally, I have to say that I was impressed by the staff of the hotel. They were all quite professional and very well-versed in English. Upon my arrival, I was escorted to my room and explained everything I needed to know to enjoy my stay at the hotel. And later, during the stay, each of my problems was resolved, and all my questions were quickly answered.

All of this made me want to stay even more in my room. But there was a whole city out there that I had to explore! And I did, knowing I had such a fantastic place to return to. I can definitely say that I fully enjoyed every moment of those early days in Tokyo, both the excitement of sightseeing and the relaxation in this amazing hotel.

All in all, my stay here was unforgettable. This luxurious hotel has so much to offer, and I definitely recommend that you check out their website. You will not be disappointed.

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  1. Is Chef’s Live Kitchen available for guests of hotel only or I can go there even if I am not staying in hotel?

  2. Oh the food looks so delicious! The whole place seems amazing and I’d like to go there! Oh, take me back to Tokyo!!!

    1. The food looks delicious and it was delicious to eat! Literally everything I tried was super tasty! I am sure you would enjoy this place!

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