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Last Samurai Osaka

Last Samurai Osaka Katana

If you are a fan of Japan and Japanese culture you have surely heard all about the Samurai, their skill with the sword and their ethical code of the warrior – bushidō. What if I told you there is a way to experience all of that yourself. In the heart of Osaka there is a dōjō where people from all over the world can experienced what is it like to be a samurai, to learn how to wield a real samurai sword – katana and how to live by the bushidō code. If you are interested and want to experience this unique activity in Osaka, check out Last Samurai Osaka experience.

As you probably know, samurai were the military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan. Samurai usually served their lord, daimyo, but there were some who where, for one rason or another, without a lord. These samurai were called ronin. Probably the most famous symbol of a samurai were his swords, a long sword called katana, and a short sword called wakizashi. Samurai are also famous for their ethical code of the warrior called bushidō. Bushidō code stressed sincerity, frugality, loyalty, mastery of martial arts, and above all honour to the death. Under the bushidō ideal, if a samurai failed to uphold his honor he could only regain it by performing seppuku.

Today there are no more true samurai left in the world, but their spirit and their way of life lives on through our study of history and through many stories, movies and games that are still inspired by them today. Now you have the chance to see and experience that first hand. To learn about the history and culture of Japan, to study the traditional Japanese etiquette and the Bushidō, and to try an authentic batto course using real Japanese swords. So if you want to all of this and transform into a samurai for a day, visit Last Samurai Osaka and book a Samurai lesson for you and your friends. This service includes Hakama(samurai clothes) and short video of your katana wielding experience. As we already said, you will learn a bit about the history of Japan and what kind of people were the samurai. After that you will learn about traditional Japanese etiquette and the ethical code of the warrior. Finally to experience handling an authentic Japanese sword, you will undergo instruction in basic techniques of swordsmanship with a training sword called mozōtō. This fun experience is open to anyone and everyone, regardless of gender or experience. They will provide you with a video of you wielding a sword to cut tameshigiri post and you will get photos from Last Samurai Osaka too!

If you are interested in Japan and Japanese culture you will surely love this samurai experience and will remember it for a long time. So I suggest you visit Last Samurai Osaka website and see for yourself all they have to offer.

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