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Tokyo Ramen Tours

Tokyo Ramen Tours Ramen

Are you looking for a fun and educational ramen tour in Tokyo? We recommend you check out Tokyo Ramen Tours.

I know all of you are big fans of Japan and are probably thinking about visiting Japan sooner or later. When you visit it you will surely like to try some amazing Japanese food and one of those is good old ramen, the perfect soul food. What makes ramen so great is its nearly unlimited variation. It feel like almost everyone has their own way of making it, and every in part of Japan ramen is made in a unique way. So if you are a fan of food and want to try as much of Japanese cuisine as you can, we recommend you book a good ramen tour while you are visiting Japan and see and taste for yourself all the different kinds of ramen and perhaps learn something you didn’t know before.

Ramen has been around for about a hundred years and as the time goes by, it keeps getting better and better. As I already said there are many kinds of ramen and almost every part of Japan has its own unique spin on how to prepare it exactly. The most popular four flavors of ramen are Shōyu, Shio, Miso and Tonkotsu ramen. Shōyu is based on a vegetable and chicken (or sometimes fish or beef) stock with plenty of soy sauce added for flavor. Shio ramen is made mainly with salt and any combination of chicken, vegetables, fish, and seaweed. Often pork bones are also used to make it even more tasty.

Miso ramen was developed in Hokkaido around 1965, and combines copious miso and is blended with fish broth or oily chicken and also sometimes with lard or tonkotsu. Tonkotsu ramen originated in Fukuoka and was originally made as an cheap fast food for laborers at fish markets. The soup broth is based mostly on pork bones and ramen noodles that are hard in the center and topped with cut pork belly are used.

To fully experience all the different kinds of ramen in Japan and to learn about ramen’s history, preparation and even future, we really recommend you take a ramen tour. And there is no better tour than that of Tokyo Ramen Tours and their guide Frank. Let Frank and Tokyo Ramen Tours take you on an adventure on the streets of Tokyo that you will never forget. Frank is a Tokyo native and a huge ramen fanatic in a positive sense of the word.

If you want to learn more or book this fun and tasty adventure visit Tokyo Ramen Tours website and their social media and see for your self how does it look like.

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