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My Cozy Stay at Section L Ueno-Hirokoji

On my recent trip to Tokyo, I decided to stay at Section L Ueno-Hirokoji. Let me tell you about this fun experience.

As a frequent traveler to Tokyo and a returning guest to Section L, I am always drawn back by their unmistakable cozy atmosphere and the brand’s unique voice. And their rooms were always clean, cozy, and had everything I needed.

The Ueno-Hirokoji location continues this trend, offering a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that makes it easy to feel at home.

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Section L Ueno Hirokoji Outside

First Impressions of Section L Ueno-Hirokoji

Upon arrival, the lobby greets you with a mosaic of art pieces, photos, and postcards, each telling a story of Ueno and its surroundings. This visual storytelling added a personal touch, making the lobby not just a transitional space but a part of the overall experience.

The air in the lobby was also subtly perfumed with a pleasing scent, which added to the welcoming and tranquil atmosphere as soon as I walked in.

The check-in process, modern and automated, was a breeze, quickly setting the tone for a comfortable stay. The staff, present to assist with the process, were friendly and helpful, providing a warm welcome and quick answers to any initial questions I had about my stay or the local area.

Section L Ueno Hirokoji Lobby

My Spacious and Comfortable Room

Stepping into my room at Section L Ueno-Hirokoji, I was immediately struck by its generous size. The room could comfortably fit up to six people, making it ideal for families or a group of friends.

Section L Ueno Hirokoji Living Room

The main bedroom was spacious, featuring a comfortable bed that promised a good night’s sleep. In the living area, a convertible sofa bed offered additional sleeping space, doubling as a cozy spot to relax during the day.

Section L Ueno Hirokoji Room
But what truly set the room apart was its traditional Japanese-style section. Lined with tatami mats, this area provided an authentic Japanese experience, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local culture right from their room. It’s perfect for those who want to try sleeping on the floor, Japanese-style, or simply enjoy a different kind of space.
Section L Ueno Hirokoji Traditional
The modern amenities were thoughtfully included. A smart TV kept me connected and entertained, while the fully-equipped kitchen meant I could easily prepare meals, just like at home. For a traveler, the convenience of having a washer and dryer in the room cannot be overstated – it’s a small luxury that makes a big difference, especially for longer stays.
Section L Ueno Hirokoji Kitchen

As you can see, the bathroom was quite spacious and had a large counter and big shower.

Section L Ueno Hirokoji Bathroom

The Sauna Experience

The highlight of the room was definitely the Sauna. This Finnish-style sauna was more than just a feature; it was a mini-retreat within the room. Large enough to comfortably accommodate multiple people, it was perfect for unwinding in solitude or relaxing with friends. The adjustable colored lights added a touch of ambiance, allowing me to set the mood to my liking.

After a day exploring the streets of Tokyo, retreating to my private sauna was the ultimate way to relax and recharge. It was not just a place to sweat out the day’s fatigue but also a quiet space to reflect and rejuvenate.

Section L Ueno Hirokoji Sauna

Happy Hour in the Lobby

One of the unique features of my stay at Section L was the happy hour held in the lobby. This gathering was more than just a chance to enjoy complimentary drinks; it was an opportunity to meet other travelers from around the world. The hotel staff did an excellent job of creating a welcoming environment, encouraging guests to mingle and share their experiences.
Section L Ueno Hirokoji Happy Hour

A Great Location

Staying at Section L Ueno-Hirokoji places you in the heart of one of Tokyo’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Just a short walk away from the hotel, Ameyoko Street offers a bustling shopping experience, where you can find everything from fresh produce to clothing and souvenirs.

The street’s lively atmosphere, filled with the shouts of vendors and the scent of street food, is a sensory delight. For food enthusiasts, Ameyoko is a paradise. The array of dining options was overwhelming in the best way. Stalls selling street food provided quick, delicious bites, perfect for eating on the go.

The highlight, however, was a quaint tempura restaurant located not far from the hotel. Their tempura was crisp, light, and cooked to perfection, offering a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine that was both authentic and satisfying.

Ameyoko Ueno

Nearby, Ueno Park is a must-visit. As one of Tokyo’s largest green spaces, the park is a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. It’s home to several major museums, including the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, and the Ueno Zoo, Japan’s oldest zoo. In spring, Ueno Park becomes one of the city’s prime spots for cherry blossom viewing.

The convenience of this location is unparalleled. Its proximity to Ueno Station means you can easily access other parts of Tokyo. The station is a major hub for both subway lines and long-distance trains, making day trips out of the city straightforward.

In essence, Section L Ueno-Hirokoji not only offers a comfortable stay but also serves as a gateway to exploring the diverse and rich culture of Ueno and the wider Tokyo area.


My stay at Section L Ueno-Hirokoji was an amazing experience. For those seeking an apartment-style hotel that combines comfort, convenience, and a chance to connect, I cannot recommend Section L enough. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s a place to live, even if just for a few days.

Where is Section L Ueno-Hirokoji?

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