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The Park Hotel Tokyo is an affordable luxury hotel with a significant focus on art, located on the top of the Shiodome Media Tower in Tokyo’s Minato City.

I stayed here during my last trip across Japan, and now I want to share with you all the things I loved about this place! And there are so many of them!

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Park Hotel Tokyo View From The Hotel

An Impressive Hotel And A Great Location

When I was arranging a room in Park Hotel Tokyo, I knew it was located in a skyscraper. However, when I saw the Shiodome Media Tower with my own eyes as I was walking toward it, I was pleasantly surprised. The tower had an iconic, easily recognizable look, and it stood like a landmark in this area of Tokyo. At least for me.

Its excellent location in the Shiodome area was a big plus as well. Not only is the Shiodome station very close, which enables a good connection to the rest of the city, but there are also many interesting things to see and do around the hotel itself. But more on that later. In general, I loved the “business” feel of the area, with many cool-looking buildings all around, and of course, the iconic Yurikamome line which flows through the area.

Park Hotel Tokyo From The Outside

After entering the Shiodome Media Tower lobby and checking out an interesting exhibit on the history of the area, I went up to the elevator, which took me to the lobby on the 25th floor. If I was impressed so far, what I saw next blew my mind.

The elevator hallway opened up to a giant Atrium ten stories tall. It felt like I had entered the heart of the tower. I was stunned. I learned later that this atrium was one of the largest atriums in Tokyo.
Soon I noticed that the entire Atrium was full of art! Sculptures and paintings were all around me. I had entered a world of art.

Park Hotel Tokyo Lobby And Art

An Art Hotel

Art and artists play an essential part in shaping the Park Hotel Tokyo into what it currently is. Art is woven into every fabric of the hotel. That is the conclusion I came to after staying some time here.

In whatever part of the hotel you find yourself in, there will be some art displayed there. As I said before, the lobby is full of it, from stunning sculptures, both small and large, to pretty paintings in all sizes. I found many pieces that were absolutely stunning. Fun fact, you can buy all of the artwork in the hotel, so if you find one that you love and can afford, you can take it home!

Even the lobby sofas are arranged in a way reminiscent of traditional Japanese gardens.

Park Hotel Tokyo Lobby

As I said before, the Atrium is 10 stories tall and as such, has a large wall space that has not been left unused. One of its giant walls is used to display art over a projector. This constantly changes, and it paints a stunning picture from every floor of the hotel since you can see the atrium from each one.

And that is not the only thing you can see on each floor. There is even more art displayed in the hallways of each floor. I truly felt like I was in a museum. But the best part was yet to come.

Park Hotel Tokyo Art In The Hotel

Each Room an Art Piece

Park Hotel Tokyo is truly a great hotel, and it has a wide variety of different room and suite types, so you will surely find a good one for you. However, I had the immense pleasure of staying in one of their Artist Rooms.

Each room was decorated with stunning art by individual renowned artists who stayed in the hotel while completing the work. You can really see how each artist added his own touch and feel to each room, shaping them to tell a story. You can even make online purchases of the works and goods of the artist who made these rooms.

My room was called Hakutaku and was created by the talented artist FeeBee, and as you can see, it is stunning. Hakutaku is a mythical beast with nine eyes that is said to be able to speak human language. It symbolizes multifaceted perspectives and thoughts and is an observer of the human world. Since ancient times, people believed that Hakutaku ward off evils.

Park Hotel Tokyo Hakutaku Room

I loved every minute of my stay in this room. You feel like sleeping in an artwork. Of course, the room is not only great because of the art. It has all the other things you would expect from a room in such a hotel. Large comfortable bed, decently sized bathroom, quality amenities, great WiFi, etc. However, there is one thing that stands out. The view.

Right through my window on the 34th floor, I could see the crown jewel of Tokyo’s Skyline, the Tokyo Tower. I would spend a good chunk of the evening relaxing on the sofa right next to the window and enjoying the stunning view of the city with some nice music in the background.

Park Hotel Tokyo View Of Tokyo

Restaurants And Bar

In Park Hotel Tokyo’s restaurants and bars, there is another group of artists; the “food artists“. Their original cocktails, desserts, and cooked dishes complement the art pieces displayed across the hotel. Tables are decorated with tea sets and plates original to the hotel, created in collaboration with ceramic artists, glass artists, and traditional craftsmen.

I had the pleasure of having breakfast in the ART Colours Dining. Here you can enjoy all-day-dining beginning with breakfast, then lunch, afternoon tea, and finally, dinner. I loved having my breakfast here because of these reasons. First is, you guessed it, art. While eating your meal, you will be surrounded by amazing artwork! Furthermore, it is always delicious to eat a meal while you enjoy a spectacular view such as the one here. And of course, the food was really good!

From other restaurants and bars, I would like to point out the Hanasanshou and The Society. At the Hanasanshou, you can enjoy the traditional Japanese Kaiseki cruises and over 50 types of shochu, Japanese sake. While the bar The Society is famous for its selection of whisky, which even gained official recognition from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Park Hotel Tokyo Breakfast

Things To Do Around The Hotel

I talked a bit about the ideal location of the hotel. Now let me tell you what interesting things you can see around the hotel.
First of all, right when you get out of the hotel and walk towards the Shiodome station, you will run into a strange-looking wall with a giant clock. That is the Ghibli Clock designed by the members of Studio Ghibli in a style reminiscent of their animated movies like Spirited Away. It is a really cool place to see.

Despite being located in an area known for impressive buildings, around the hotel, you will find green areas like such as the Hamarikyu and Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens. Shiba Park and the famed Tokyo Tower are also nearby. If you want to experience the salaryman nightlife, Shimbashi is only a short walk away. And if you are up for some shopping, the famous Ginza area is a few stations away.

Giant Ghibli Clock


My time at the Park Hotel Tokyo is something I will remember for a long time. It’s no wonder that it got a reward for the hotel that provides the most value for your money.

I highly recommend it if you are looking for something a bit more luxurious but still affordable. Especially if you love art in all its forms. Also, I recommend you book one of the artist rooms like I did. There are many to pick from, so check out their website to learn more!

Where is Park Hotel Tokyo?

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