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Shiba Park Hotel is a cozy hotel located near Tokyo’s Shiba Park in the north end of Hamamatsucho, famous for its wide collection of books and exceptional hospitality.

I had the pleasure of staying here during my last trip to Tokyo. Let me show you what it was like!

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Shiba Park Hotel Tokyo From The Outside

My First Contact With The Shiba Park Hotel

As I was first arriving at the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised with how peaceful and calm the surrounding streets were, despite having been located in the center of Tokyo.

As soon as I entered, the kind staff there offered me refreshing drinks because it was a very hot September day. While they completed the check-in procedure, I went to take a look around the place to get a feel of the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised by what awaited me.

Lobby In Shiba Park Hotel

A "Library Hotel" in Tokyo

A thing that first came to my attention when I entered the hotel was its unique interior design. All around me I could see shelves with books covering all sorts of different topics, ranging from travel books about Japan to books about architecture or art.

I learned that, in total, there are over 1500 books that you can read for free in the hotel. Shiba Park Hotel really prides itself on having the title of a “Library Hotel”. On a side note, all these books were directed by Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore.

Shiba Park Hotel Books

The Foyer

The foyer is also beautifully decorated with a waterfall. Yes, you heard it right, a waterfall is located right in front of the entrance. There is also a staircase leading up to the second floor that goes around the waterfall.

And as you can see, around the staircase, there is a special bookshelf displaying some of the most interesting and visually appealing books. When you see this yourself, you will know that the designers of the hotel did a great job of invoking that library vibe.

Waterfall And Books In The Lobby Of Shiba Park Hotel

The Library Lounge

But the highlight for me was definitely the Library Lounge on the first floor. I spent a lot of time there just relaxing in these huge cozy sofas with a good book in hand and listening to smooth jazz music that was playing over a tube amplifier.

I especially enjoyed it in the evening when dim lights coupled with the fireplace provided a unique cozy atmosphere.

Shiba Park Hotel Book Shelves

Past, Present, Future & The "Tale of Artisans"

If these two places were the only ones with books, I would be a bit reluctant to give the hotel the title of a “Library Hotel”. However, there is more, much more. On the second floor, there is a large space designated for displaying additional books and art.

Each of the three main bookshelves here covers a specific period. One about the past, one about the present, and one about the future.

Different types of art are also displayed here. There are a few walls that display art that you can actually buy for yourself and take home as well as a few small spaces where different types of artworks are displayed depending on which seasonal exhibition is currently displayed in the hotel. This exhibition is called “Tale of Artisans” which tell stories of traditions (tales) that they have developed and nurtured.

Shiba Park Hotel Art


One thing I found quite interesting was how each floor has its own small room located next to the elevator called an Inglenook. Word Inglenook comes from Scottish, and it means a “small room with a warm, comfortable atmosphere”.

All of the guests can freely access these rooms, and each of them has books and a comfy sofa. And the catch is that every floor has a room themed on different types of books.

So the theme of my room was photography books, which is quite appropriate. But I did walk around the checkout of the others. There were ranging from topics such as art and fashion to travel and architecture.

Shiba Park Hotel Inglenooks

Omotenashi - Exceptional Service

I really enjoyed the overall look and feel of the hotel. You can see its appreciation of history and tradition and their wish to preserve it and share it with both guests and future generations.

You see, this hotel was founded all the way back in 1948, but despite its age, it looks brand new since it was recently renovated again.

Throughout the years, they have placed high importance on the values of Omotenashi so that they become a hotel that continues to be loved by each and every guest. And you can really see and feel that.

For example, the hotel has Omotenashi Concierge service, which seeks to help you in any way possible and to make your stay a memorable one. They can provide you with a wide variety of tips ranging from which book to pick to how to plan your events.

Shiba Park Hotel Library Lounge

My Room

My room was located on the eighth floor, and I have to say it was quite nice. I had a large comfortable bed and all the amenities that I could need to enjoy my stay here.

I especially liked how there was Netflix and YouTube available on the TV, unlike in most other hotels I stayed at, even the more luxurious ones. So that’s a big plus if you want to unwind after a day of sightseeing with something other than Japanese TV.

I was also quite satisfied with the bathroom as it was not small by any means. Despite being a 1.9-meter tall guy, I had plenty of room to move around, unlike in some other similar hotels.

As I said before, the famous Tokyo Tower is located very close to the hotel, and you can reach it in a few minutes by walk. So of course, there are many rooms which have great views of the Tokyo Tower. Mine, unfortunately, did not have such a view. But I’m sure you’ll be able to book one which has a view of the Tower.

Shiba Park Hotel Room Bed

A Tasty Breakfast

Those of you who have been following my accounts and my travels often know that I really like to start my day with a big breakfast to give me a lot of energy for sightseeing all day. The same was true here. I had my breakfast in the restaurant located on the first floor, right near the lobby.

The staff members were very polite and helpful, and after showing me to my table, they asked me which type of the main dish I would like to have. I chose egg benedict, and the rest I could select in a buffet style. So I walked around and picked everything I found interesting, from Japanese foods to croissants, cereals, fruit, drinks, and everything else you can imagine. It was a pretty good and delicious breakfast.

One thing I’d like to note is that all COVID procedures were strictly followed, which is great for my health and the health of others. So you need to wear a mask while going to the buffet tables and gloves as well.

Shiba Park Hotel Breakfast

Awesome Location

I really liked the area where the Shiba Park Hotel was located. You not only have Shiba Park and the impressive Tokyo Tower right next door, but the entire area is quite interesting.

It’s a sort of upscale downtown area that is really pleasant and interesting to explore. As I usually do, I went on a walk around the neighborhood on a nice day, exploring the random streets. I found many interesting places, some shrines, some nice shops, and cafes. If you plan on staying here, I highly recommend you to do the same.

Library Lounge In Shiba Park Hotel

The hotel is decently well connected with the rest of the city. Onarimon station was located only a short walk away as well as Daimon station. And a little further away, you could reach the major JR Hamamatsucho Station. So you have access to multiple lines and can reach other parts of Tokyo easily.

The immediate streets and alleys around the hotel are really peaceful despite its location in the city center. I loved that!

Shiba Park Hotel Outside During The Night


All in all, I enjoyed the look and feel of the hotel and had a great time. This “Library Hotel” is truly something unique that you won’t regret witnessing for yourself. I highly recommend you to check out their website and learn more, especially if you are a big book fan!

Where is Shiba Park Hotel?

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