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Unique Lodgings

Only in Japan

Japan wouldn’t be Japan if it didn’t have some unique places to stay!

You might be bored with fancy hotels or ryokans and want to experience something different. You are in luck since there are several options for you. These include staying in an ancient temple, renting a tiny room in a capsule hotel, or even sleeping in an internet cafe!

Temples in Japan are amazing places to visit for a spiritual retreat. They provide a sense of peace that you cannot find anywhere else and help people connect with their spirituality. But did you know you can rent a room in some of them? Truly a memorable experience.

Capsule hotels in Japan provide a unique place for travelers to stay. The rooms are designed to be very compact and efficient. This makes them popular with people who want to stay for only a few hours or even just one night.

There are plenty of cool, unique places to stay. You only need to know where to look. We will help you figure that out through our series of articles on these topics.

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