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Unique Tours

Only in Japan

Japan is a country of rich culture and history. One of the reasons that it has been so popular with tourists is the uniqueness of the experience. It’s not just about visiting temples, shrines, and museums but also immersing yourself in the culture and experiencing something new.

To experience the culture first hand, you should go on interesting and unique tours and experiences. And there are many options for you!
These can range from specific food tours across a major city, like a Tokyo ramen tour for example, to specific experiences like dressing up in a kimono and walking the streets of Kyoto.

One more great example is the tea ceremony. The tradition of the tea ceremony is one of the most famous aspects of Japanese culture. 

Those of you who like history and movies have surely heard about samurai and ninja. In Japan, you can find places where you can dress up in an authentic samurai costume. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon and learn more about one of the most iconic symbols of Japanese culture.

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