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Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi is an affordable and stylish hotel located in the heart of Tokyo’s iconic nightlife district. The hotel offers comfortable and modern rooms and Candeo Hotel’s famous SkySpa.

I stayed here during my last visit to Tokyo. Shimbashi was always an interesting part of Tokyo to me. You all have heard about its iconic salaryman nightlife. So I wanted to experience that for myself.

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Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi From The Outside

Arrival to Candeo Shimbashi

The hotel is easily spotted thanks to its iconic Candeo Hotels branding, which is often displayed on this side of their buildings, so you can’t miss them. I got into the elevator and went straight up to the 10th floor, where the lobby was located. The check-in procedure was quickly completed.

After that, the staff members explained everything about the hotel, especially how to use the iconic sky spa and everything I needed to know about the breakfast and cleaning services.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi Lobby

My Room

I made my way to the room and got myself comfortable. The rooms at Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi are comfortable and good for the price range. They are equipped with modern amenities and feature comfortable beds, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms. Of course, they also feature complimentary Wi-Fi and air conditioning, making it easy to stay connected and cool during your stay.

I liked how in addition to the large comfortable beds, there was a smaller sofa right next to the window, which overlooks the street below. And you can also relax on that sofa and just chill there while observing the city below.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi Cozy Room

The room in general, was what you would expect from an affordable hotel such as this one. All the necessary amenities and the equipment I would need to have a pleasant stay were here.

As an added bonus, I really enjoyed that the hotel has a coin laundry machine. These machines are much more affordable and convenient than going to a coin laundry somewhere else in the city because it saves you so much time and money. I was able to do my laundry there for a fraction of the price and time it would take to go somewhere else.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi View From The Room

Candeo SkySpa

The hotel is known for its Sky Spa, a spa located on the top floor of the building. This spa features several cold and hot baths, including an open-air bath and a sauna, making it an ideal spot for those looking for a relaxing stay in this part of Tokyo.

The hot baths are perfect for relaxation and provide relief from muscle aches, while the sauna is perfect for detoxifying the body.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi Sky Spa

I loved how the SkySpa was open almost the entire day and night. So I could always go there after a night out on the streets of Shimbashi to relax a little bit or after a tough day of sightseeing.

Another great thing about the spa is how it’s so high up on the top of the building, and you feel like you are in the clouds. There are many buildings around you, but you don’t need to worry since the windows are not transparent.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi Sky Spa On Top

Breakfast Buffet

I had stayed in many Candeo Hotels before, and I knew they had a great breakfast buffet, so I was really looking forward to it as well. The breakfast buffet offers a wide selection of western and Japanese dishes, including sausages, scrambled eggs, freshly cooked rice, warm miso soup, fresh tofu, dried whitebait fish, and spicy cod roe.

The buffet also includes a variety of drinks, such as coffee, tea, and juice. Not only did they have a wide variety of meals, but also was served in the restaurant on the lobby floor with great views of the surrounding area. I had a lot to eat that day and was full of energy to explore the city.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi Delicious Breakfast

Things to Do Around the Hotel

Let me tell you about some exciting things to see around the hotel. The Shimbashi station, especially its interesting West entrance, is located only 4 minutes away, which not only enables easy access to other parts of the city but also has some interesting things to see. Also, there is a direct train line from Haneda airport to Shimbashi station via the Keikyu airport line (less than 30 minutes).

Visitors to Shimbashi Station can take a step back in time by visiting Old Shimbashi Station, a reconstruction of the original station that houses a museum commemorating Japan’s first railway. This museum features various artifacts and even displays an original piece of track from the railway.

Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi Surrounding Area

Hamarikyu Gardens are also nearby. These gardens and the smaller parks surrounding them are situated along the waterfront and boast numerous water features. The landscaping is done in the traditional Edo style, with its roots originating from a seventeenth-century Shogun villa. In the Shimbashi itself, nestled among the many izakayas and bars, there is an interesting shrine called the Karasumori Shrine.

But the highlight of the entire area is definitely the nightlife and the vibe of this place. Late at night, you can explore so many cozy bars, cafes, restaurants, and izakayas all over the area. I especially enjoyed the ones along the Shimbashi station, which are tucked in under the rail overpass. You have a lot of fun on a night out in Shimbashi and having a place to stay so close is a big plus and one worry less!


Overall, I had an excellent experience at Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable Tokyo hotel at an affordable price. If you want to learn more about what they have to offer, make sure to check out their website.

Where is Candeo Hotels Tokyo Shimbashi?

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