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Traditional Accommodation - Ryokan

Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn. You can find examples all across Japan. Ryokan are more than just a place to sleep. Furthermore, they offer an opportunity to experience a traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality. Discover hidden Japan and all of its secrets by learning more about ryokan.

Ryokan incorporate elements such as tatami floors, futon beds, Japanese style baths, and local cuisine. All of these elements are making ryokan popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists. There are many different types of ryokans. They are varying in terms of size, cost, and style. Some ryokans are small, family-run establishments with just a few rooms. On the other hand, there are large facilities with hundreds of rooms. Ryokan also range from budget to costly establishments.

Ryokan are offering a special and relaxing experience that everyone should take the opportunity to try. You will not regret trying this traditional accommodation type.

Hidden Japan

At first sight, Japan appears as an incredibly modern destination. Even futuristic. Many people come to that conclusion because of the images of skyscrapers surrounded by neon-lit streets. As you explore further, things change. It soon becomes clear that there are plenty of opportunities to experience the traditional side of Japan. From serene forests and mighty mountains to ancient temples and cultural sites, Japan has much to offer. We strive to bring you the best of Japan. That includes its hidden gems and many other places. One such unique aspect of Japan are ryokans.

We will show you a selection of the best ryokan as well as other hidden gems in Japan. Our goal is to help you discover hidden Japan and visit less known places! For those who are looking to delve past the flashing lights and new architectural wonders, we will show you the best places to experience traditional Japan.

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