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Kayuu – Taiji Onsen in Wakayama

Kayuu Taiji Onsen

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Kayuu Introduction

When people embark on a trip across Japan, they often try to fit as many tourist destinations as possible in the day they have available. That is understandable since there are so many great places to see and things to experience. However, people can get burnt out from all the rush of sightseeing, and sometimes the best decision is to take it slow for a day or two, find a nice ryokan, and relax while you fill your sightseeing batteries again. I found myself in the same position a few times, and this break really helped me. It is even better if the play you want to stay at has some interesting spots nearby that you can visit at a slower pace. One such place is the Hana Irodori no Yado Kayuu ryokan.

This is a resort-style hot spring inn located in the Nanki Taiji hot spring area of the Wakayama prefecture. Boasting a spacious garden overlooking the Kumano-Nada Sea and the gentle mountains along the coast, Yado Kayuu has all you would expect from a resort-style ryokan. Spectacular Japanese rooms with a view of the ocean, outdoor and indoor hot springs, delicious traditional Japanese dishes, and much more. In addition, it is location is also good since you have easy access to many famous attractions on the Kii peninsula such as the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route. The hotel is a 15-minute drive from JR Kii-Katsuura Train Station on the Kisei Line, and a free shuttle is offered for the guests.

Kayuu Taiji Onsen Hotel


One of the main features of this amazing seaside resort is that all 41 guest rooms have a view of the ocean. This makes all these beautifully decorated Japanese-style rooms even more amazing. Each room has all the amenities that you would expect from a high-quality hotel. For instance, a television, telephone, electric kettle, tea set, refrigerator, air conditioner, toilet with bidet, and many toiletries. In addition, guests can get Yukata and slippers to wear during their stay as well which I really like. The best rooms are the ones on the 6th floor which even have a private bath and other special goodies.

Hot Spring Baths

If you don’t manage to book one of these rooms don’t worry, there are public indoor and outdoor hot-spring baths. There is even an outdoor pool as well! There are so many options! In my opinion, the best one is the outdoor hot bath which is beautifully decorated with a view of the ocean. Such a great place to relax. One more great thing about the water in these hot springs is the fact that they are effective against many illnesses. Some of these are nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, shoulder joint pain, paralysis, stiff joints, etc.


Everyone knows what comes after a nice trip to the hot spring; dinner! Luckily, meals at Yado Kayuu are of the highest quality. The chefs have selected carefully the finest local ingredients to prepare meals that please all five senses of the guest. Since the area is surrounded by bountiful seas, local cuisine is dominated by seafood. You will have the chance to taste it yourself. Some of the staple meals at the Yado Kayuu are the Kumano beef and the grouper fish. The grouper grows up to 1 m in length. It is in season from autumn to winter and is considered a delicacy eaten raw as sashimi or in hotpot dishes.


Yado Kayuu is considered a resort-style ryokan and as such has a wide variety of facilities available for its guest. You can spend the whole day there and not be bored a bit. The first one you will encounter is the lobby. It has a great view of the garden and here you can relax while waiting for the check-in with free Wi-Fi. Mimosa Garden Restaurant is the place where you can enjoy many delicious local meals. During the dinner light from candles flickers as the aroma of the cuisine wafts through the air, while in the morning, live piano music plays while you are enjoying your breakfast. If you want to grab some drinks, Night Lounge Yuyu is the place for you!

One of the unique facilities that I have not encountered anywhere else is the Yu library. Here a variety of genres are available for you to read including sightseeing and fishing information, picture books, and novels. If you want to play some sports, there is a tennis court and a putter gold court. Just call the front desk and they will provide you with the equipment. After that, you can relax at the garden terrace or go for a massage. If you come in summer, you can also use the outdoor pool and the private beach in front of the hotel.

Kayuu Conclusion

In conclusion, this is a great place to take a break from the exploration of the Kansai area and the Kii peninsula. It is also very close to many famous attractions such as the Kumano Sanzan; the Three Grand Shrines of the Kumano area. I recommend that you check out the Hana Irodori no Yado Kayuu website and see what they have to offer!

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