Japanese New Year

Japanese New Year

Japanese New Year New Year is the most important holiday in Japan. Unlike in the rest of the world, it’s celebrated more than Christmas. Usually, all of the businesses are shut down and families gather to spend time together. Here you can find out more about Japanese New Year. © 2018 Voyagin, Inc. Japanese New […]

5 Great Videos About Japan That You Must Watch

5 Great Videos About Japan That You Must Watch Here are some of the best videos related to Japan in my opinion. I’m sharing them with you so that more people learn about them and follow these amazing creators. history of japan by bill wurtz This is one of the most famous Japan-related videos on […]

Kayuu – Taiji Onsen in Wakayama

Kayuu Taiji Onsen

This is a resort-style hot spring inn located in the Nanki Taiji hot spring area of the Wakayama prefecture. Boasting a spacious garden overlooking the Kumano-Nada Sea and the gentle mountains along the coast, Yado Kayuu has all you would expect from a resort-style ryokan.

Kijitei Hoeiso – Hakone

Kijitei Hoeiso

Kijitei Hoeiso – Hakone Table of Contents Kijitei Hoeiso Introduction When planning a trip to Japan, I am sure that most of you will include the big and famous cities like Tokyo and Kyoto. While they are truly spectacular places to visit and you could spend weeks in each one without seeing it all, no […]