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Which Japanese City is the Best for You?

I am sure that many of you want to visit Japan once. Some of you have even dreamed of moving to Japan one day. That is a big decision and a difficult one. And if you decide to do it, there are more decisions you have to make. For example, in which city to live in. If you only decide to travel there as a tourist, you also have to decide which cities to visit. Unfortunately, you won’t have time to see them all. There are many options. Maybe the biggest city in the world, Tokyo, is the place for you. Or other famous ones such as Osaka or historic Kyoto are best. That is why you should take our Japanese Cities Test and see which one might be good for you! Enjoy!

Which Japanese City is Perfect for You?

Do you know which Japanese city is the best one for you to visit or live in? Maybe Tokyo or Kyoto? Take this test and find out!

Would you like to move to this city or just travel there as a tourist?
We hope you liked our quiz. Did you like our Which Japanese City is Best for You Test? You can find more of our quizzes and games here! I especially recommend the Japanese Food Personality Test. It is similar to this one. If you like Japanese food you will love that test!
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We will try to create more fun quizzes and games like this one. What should be the next topic. Maybe anime or Japanese history and culture. Please give us your suggestions. We love to hear them!

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  1. Oh, I loved Kyoto! But as much as I love history, culture, museums and parks, I’m from Rio de Janeiro… there is something about de seascape and the horizon that I just love! I may need to be around the sea… I would probably say Osaka, or maybe Tokyo… but there is still so much Japan to get to know!

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