Tokyo Tower Visit

Tokyo Tower Featured

Tokyo Tower is one of the most iconic symbols of this great city, and everyone that comes to Tokyo should see it up close.

Kominka – Hikone Dharmakur

Kominka Hikone Dharmakur

Did you know that a Kominka is a type of traditional Japanese house? I had the pleasure of visiting one such restored house located in Hikone.

Nagoya is not boring

Nagoya Is Not Boring Featured

Nagoya is not boring and that is true – it is a wonderful city full of history and interesting places, both historical and modern.

Japan Off The Beaten Path

Japan Off The Beaten Path

Discover off the beaten path towns full of rich history, culture, delicious food and nature are all over Japan.

Tokyo Food

Tokyo Food Map

Here you can find our interactive Tokyo Food Map and our favorite Japanese food recipes.