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Mansuirou in Misasa Onsen

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Japan is a spectacular country full of breathtaking places. Unfortunately, people who visit Japan mostly explore the famous parts of the country since they only have a limited time. However, the are many exciting places all over the country that tourists miss. If you are a person who loves to explore these hidden gems, I have a perfect place for you – Mansuirou in Misasa Onsen.

Located in the beautiful countryside of Tottori Prefecture, Misasa Onsen is a little-known but remarkable onsen resort. It is an ideal place for someone who wants a peaceful but memorable vacation or a rest from the rush of sightseeing. Here you can visit the famous healing baths, enjoy the fragrant forests and crystal-like river, and explore historic temples and sacred pilgrimage sites.

The hot springs of Misasa Onsen have been healing people from more than 800 years ago. They are known to have the world’s highest levels of radon which makes them a must-visit place for any onsen fan.

In this beautiful corner of Japan, you will find the Mansuirou Ryokan. This excellent Japanese-style hotel provides authentic Japanese food, high-quality natural onsen baths, and an authentic experience and service for its guests.

Yu no nagori
Iku tabi miru ya
Kiri no moto

Leaving the hot springs,
Looking back how many times –
Beneath the mist

Matsuo Basho,
17th century haiku poet

Misasa Onsen History

As I already said, the area of Misasa Onsen has been known for its hot springs for more than eight centuries. It is said that long ago, pilgrims and monks used to go on a pilgrimage to nearby Mt. Mitoku after purifying their bodies and spirits in Misasa Onsen’s hot water. There are still vestiges of this culture today, which is best represented by the profound tale of a journey that links Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Onsen.

Purification of the six roots of perception is the first step. It begins with a bath at Misasa Onsen to purify one’s body and ready the spirit for the climb up Mt. Mitoku the next day. The hot waters heal the body’s six senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste, and spirit. On Mt. Mitoku, harsh training on the sacred mountain purifies the six roots of perception: the eyes, body, ears, nose, tongue, and mind.

It is said that the six roots of perception and the healing of the six senses are a distinct Japanese perspective on nature. They represent harmonizing of human beings and their natural surroundings. This is a great experience that enables you to connect with Japanese tradition and nature in a truly unique way.

Mansuirou Misasa Onsen Outdoor

About Mansuirou Ryokan

Mansuirou Ryokan features all the things you would expect from such a place. Traditional Japanese-style rooms, delicious dishes from local ingredients, amazing hot springs, multiple facilities, easy access, and fabulous sightseeing opportunities in the area. Let me tell you a bit more about each.

Mansuirou Ryokan Hotel Lobby

Rooms in Mansuirou Ryokan

You can pick several different room types in Mansuirou, so you will surely find something you like. Your options range from standard, affordable Japanese-style rooms and Japanese & Western style suite rooms with great views to the luxurious Miyabi suite with a private semi-open-air bath. Of course, all the rooms include a private bath, toilet, TV, Air-conditioning and basic room amenities. And there is free Wi-Fi available across the whole ryokan.

Cuisine in Mansuirou

I know many of you are avid Japanese food fans. That is why I always recommend you visit traditional places like this one and try local meals. Mansuirou is no exception. They offer a Kaiseki Course that allows you to experience the specially curated flavors of each season. Skilled Japanese chefs will make these meals, and you will enjoy them in the comfort of a unique private dining area. They have plenty of local specialty dishes for you to try. Some are stone-grilled seafood, grilled crab in the shell, cream soup with Mosa shrimps and crabs, and sashimi from the Matsuba crab, the “king of flavors” in Japan. There is even a live-grill dining kitchen for you to enjoy.

Mansuirou Onsen

I already mentioned that the hot springs of this area have a long history and that they contain one of the highest levels of radon of any spa in the world. Radon has beneficial effects for rheumatic disease, diabetes, gout, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, alimentary disease, and bile duct and tract diseases.

The Mansuirou ryokan features a big indoor spa that is full of radon steam which relaxes your whole body when inhaled. There is also a free-flowing private bath spa that can accommodate ten people.

Here is a fun fact! The name of the onsen town, Misasa, means three mornings. It comes from a legend that says if a sick person bathes in the hot spring for three days, he will be healed on the third morning.


Other than these high-quality baths and unique dining areas, the ryokan has many more facilities you might enjoy. One of them is a tea lounge where you can enjoy a relaxing tea time with natural sunlight filters. There is also a night lounge where you can hang out with other guests and a karaoke room if you want to sing!

Mansuirou Access

You can easily access this great ryokan with several methods of transportation. If you arrive by airplane at Tottori Airport, you can take a 45-minute shuttle bus to the town. If you arrive by train or bus at JR Kurayoshi station, you can reserve a free shuttle bus directly to the ryokan.


I already hinted before that the surrounding area is full of hidden gems for you to explore. The most famous is Mt. Mitoku, also known as one of Japan’s most intriguing and dangerous national treasures. As highlighted in the tale of Misasa Onsen, the mountain is a place that people visit to train and purify the six roots of perception. There are numerous temples and pilgrimage sites across the mountain, such as Monjudo and Jizodo temples and the Nageiredo temple. Visiting them, hiking the mountain, and enjoying the hot springs is a memory you will never forget.


If you want to experience the feel of rural Japan, rest and relax from the city crowds, and explore magical nature, Mansuirou Ryokan in Misasa Onsen is the place for you. Visit their website and learn more about what they offer.
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